Ciara-Disney Portrait Shoot

Hello Everyone! Today I have photos to share of the portrait session I did with Ciara who is starting her senior year in High School. She and her family were vacationing in Disney World last week from Michigan and hired me to photograph her on the grounds of the beautiful Polynesian Resort Hotel. Once again I was forced to schedule this shoot during the worst time of day light-wise because thunderstorms were coming in the late afternoon when I normally photograph people. The first area we used was this beautiful beach area. We were somewhat lucky in that there were some clouds to help filter the sun out some of the time but it was still very bright and the light bouncing off of the sand made it hard for Ciara to keep her eyes open all of the way!


Even so we still got some beautiful images-here you see the Floridian resort in the background which came out looking a bit like a beautiful painting!


Ciara is beautiful and has a wonderful spirit, she was easy to photography regardless of the circumstances.


I found that this particular image looked especially nice in black and white. I really can’t say what makes me chose certain images for this treatment, they either work or they don’t and I think this one did.
Of course I love my jumping images they are so much fun! We then moved to another area where there was nicer light and a wall with plants growing on it for a background.



Just beautiful! We ended up escaping from the heat and taking a few images inside the beautiful lobby of the hotel. This last image is my favorite of these.

I had a great time photographing Ciara and meeting her family. I hope to have more opportunities to do portraits over at Disney there are so many amazingly beautiful places to shoot over there!


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