Stella-1st Birthday Session-Tampa Orlando Child Portraits


Hello! Today I am bringing you my favorite photographs from my session with Stella to celebrate her turning 1! I photographed her for the first time last November when she was 2 months old and she is growing fast! I have photographed her mom’s wedding and cannot believe how fast the time has gone!


We planned to take some photos inside and some out but ended up doing most of them inside due to the humid and rainy September weather in Orlando. Stella did an amazing job posing for her portraits! I never know what to expect with children this age. Stella was great at sitting wherever we wanted her to so it was a pretty easy session. It was more difficult to get standing photos because she wanted to move then. I still got the super cute first shot of her leaning on the chair though!



Once we saw she would sit still for us it was a matter of me catching a variety of expressions and poses.


I especially love this portrait I was able to capture of Stella and her mom Nathalia!


I covered a cube they had in the house with purple background material I had with me. Mom hid behind it to make sure Stella stayed safe but she did a great job sitting still for us there! We had this floral 1 on the floor and she wanted to play with it. I am amazed I was able to hit the shutter at just the right moment to get this shot!



This is my favorite image from our session! I edited it to have a bit of a vintage look .


We tried another chair and Stella was happy to sit in it as well!



I also especially love this close up!


We did take a few photos outside at the beginning and at the end.


Stella with her Dad Tim.


I love doing the parent holding the baby up in the air shots-super cute!



Here we had a roof over us and it was raining in background.


Last shot of the day is another super cute one! Stella is a very happy little girl! I look forward to watching her grow, we have several ideas for photos with her over the next few years.

If you are interested in a Child Portrait session-or any kind of portrait session check out the Portrait Page of my website.


Central Bark Tampa Calendar Photos-January-June-Pet Photography Tampa

I have some really fun photos to share with you today! For the second year in a row I am creating a calendar for Central Bark Doggy Day Care in Tampa. Last year’s was a success and I am so happy to be doing another one! Lynda and the rest of the staff there do an amazing job taking care of the dogs. It is such a fun place to be and I look forward to taking portraits there a few times each year. We do two separate shoots for the calendar since there are so many dogs-more this year than last! These are some of my favorites from the January-June Sessions. I will be taking the July-December photos in October.

First was Suzie I have photographed her a few times before she is super happy.



Next is her brother Bear



Love those eyes! We also managed to get one of the two of them together!



Next was Rolf I love him on this purple background!


I love the St Patrick’s Day photos the most!


Prince Koda is another repeat client! The perfect shot in gorgeous colors.


We are doing Gasparilla them for January. I am not sure if pirates wore sunglasses but Kona looks very cool in them!


Paxton was on my calendar last year as well he is very sweet!



Maddox is so handsome! We had some fun with the Gasparilla beads!


So fun!


This is Margo she gets to be featured in April. All of these dogs look great with the new purple background I brought-my favorite color! She will also be featured in February.



This is Jake he looks he is thinking ‘I can’t believe you are making me do this!’


The perfect Leprechaun!


Zeus! Love his name! This may be my favorite shot.


Can you tell I love color?


Tucker is back again this year, what a handsome pirate!



Coby was also in last years Calendar. Very good model!


Love the tie!


Dakota is back and this year. Another cool pirate!


Love this shot!


Higgins-another great name! We went with purple and green for this St Patrick’s day shot I have always loved that color combination and he looks amazing.


More crazy colors!


Pretty Luna!


I love this profile shot.


Fred is yet another repeat client, love him!


Sometimes it is impossible to convince a dog to lay down, sometimes that’s all they want to do.


This dog is also named Luna. You can see she has a great personality-another great photo for March!


Love this one too what a great model Luna is!


Brindle -that face!



Again-that face!


Millie. I was only able to get one good shot of Millie she did not want to stay still! She looks so pretty with the purple flowers!


Sofie! Sofie is probably the dog I have had the hardest time photographing ever! We try every time but until this day she wanted no part of posing for her portrait. She is one of maybe 10% of dogs that are afraid of the strobe lights when they go off. But this time we were actually able to get her to stay still. She flinched when the lights went off but did not run! I was so happy and know her dad is too!


Her sister Lola was there and we even got good photos of them together!


Lola also posed on her own and did a great job!



Finally we have Murphy, yet anther repeat client-he was easy to photography and very sweet!



The perfect Valentine card!   I will of course be sharing the best photos from our July-December shoot sometime in October. Special thanks to my friend Lynda from Central Bark for assisting me on this shoot! If you need a day care in the North Tampa area they are the place to go!  To learn more about my pet sessions check out the Pet Photography Page on my website!  I do most of my pet photography outside but can bring my mobile studio to you as well!


Bently-Tampa Pet Photography Fort Desoto Park St Petersburg


I love Corgis! I love all dogs of course but Corgi’s rank near the top of my favorite breeds along with Dachshunds and Australian Shepherds. I think my first full length dog portrait shoot was with a fellow student’s new Corgi puppy when I was about to graduate from photography school and it made me realize that I wanted pet photography to be one of the main parts of my business! The name ‘Corgi’ is Welsh ‘Cor’ means dwarf and Gi means Dog so they are ‘Dwarf Dogs’.

I met Bently and his mom Mary at the beautiful Fort Desoto Park, one of my most favorite places to go in the area. This first photo was taken next to the dog beach area where we had this beautiful pier as a back drop!


It was a very  hot and humid day but we shot the last 2 hours before sunset and there was a breeze. Bently was very good and patient with us he is a very sweet dog!


The Fort Desoto Dog Beach is truly one of the happiest places on earth but it is a difficult place to try to photograph just one dog as there are usually so many distractions and ‘photo bombers’! We went on a weekday evening so it was not as busy and I was able to get several photos that make it look like we were the only ones there!


We drove to another part of the park for some fresh backdrops and Bently put on this beautiful bandanna .


So cute! We then had another wardrobe change.



Mary posed for some beautiful portraits with Bently! I loved the slanted and layered concrete ’tiles’. There are a lot of amazing spots to take photos at this park.


We wanted to get some nice photos of Bently at sunset and here are the results!


I had a wonderful time on this shoot, my mom and Mary’s husband George who gave her this photo shoot as a gift were also there and everyone and it was so much fun! If you are interested in a Pet Portrait shoot in the Tampa Bay or Orlando areas check out the Pet Page on my Website. NOW is the time to schedule if you want one before Christmas as I get very busy October-December.



Anitra-Tampa Orlando Child Portraits-Philippe Park Safety Harbor Florida


Hello Everyone!  Today I am sharing my favorite photos from my session with 6 month old Anitra and her parents.  I have worked with her mom before a few times and was very happy to photograph the new addition to the family! We chose Philippe Park in Safety Harbor to take the photos. It was a hot and humid day but little Anitra didn’t seem to notice she did a fantastic job and is a very happy little girl with a great personality!

I found this beautiful spot with vines and little orange flowers to take a few images of her in this crate. I love how they turned out!

Portaits_6month_Old_girl_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_8697-Edit - Copy

And how cute is this? Pink and red are great colors to use outside and they contrast nicely against all of the green.




She is so adorable!  Here are a few photos of Anitra with her mom and dad.


I took an engagement photo of her parents in front of this same tree so it was nice to use it again!


We had planned to take some photos on the small beach at the park but it was high tide-REALLY high tide and no sand to stand on! I still got some cute shots of Anitra in her swim suit though.



As well behaved as she was I think in this last photo Anitra was wondering just how many more photos I was going to take!  I hope to take some beach portraits the next time we have a session.

If you would like to schedule a portrait session, contact me at Click this link to see more of my favorite portraits.


The Frog in the Flower-Personal Work


Every once in a while I get really lucky.  Often when I am not expecting to. I come upon a moment in time which will result in a unique photo that becomes an all time favorite. I didn’t actually even have my camera with me when I spotted this little frog. I was on what I like to call a ‘mindfulness walk’ around the lake in my community. Often I do have my camera with me but this time I was just walking and looking at the various tropical plants and flowers that grow here. There are also many ducks, squirrels and lizards to observe. There is so much we miss much of the time, staring at our phones, focusing on other things and places than where we are in the moment.


I wish I knew what this plant was called! It is actually quite large and shoots out these pods from which multiple flowers bloom. This one was actually quite high in the air-taller than me! I had not stopped to look at it in a long time the path around the lake actually goes to the right of it but I decided to make a detour and I am so glad I did. I am fascinated by this particular plant and probably made an excited squeal when to my surprise I spotted this tiny frog perched inside!  I walked back to my apartment to grab my camera and he was luckily still there when I got back. All summer I have been hoping so spot some of these tiny frogs. Some years they are all over the place and I have taken some fantastic photos of them but this year I haven’t seen any in my community-until now!

I will be including both the photos I take professionally and for fun in this blog from now on. Any of the wildlife photos you see here are available for purchase as prints, canvas wraps etc just email me at if you are interested!

In a world that focuses so much on the negative do not forget we are also surrounded by beauty and ‘magic’.  The phrase ‘awe not anger’ popped into my head the other day. I am trying to spend as many moments in awe of the amazing things in this world rather than in anger!


Dalila Troy Frieda & Diego-Pet Photography Tampa

Well-I’m back! I haven’t posted anything on this blog in well over a year. I found myself often ‘too busy’. My photos are on Facebook, Instagram, my website etc but I just stopped taking the time to post them on this blog. I have decided to give blogging another go and to hopefully make it more interesting and personal. This is the first of several recent shoots I will be posting since I have  few days free.

Dalila is a friend of mine and we had been talking about doing a shoot with her dogs for some time. It was great to finally get out and do it and these are some of my favorite dog portraits ever! We took them at a park in Brooksville FL that I won’t mention the name of because we were kicked out just before we were finished because dogs aren’t allowed there! We didn’t know that and there were no people or dogs around which made it such a great place! dog_portraits_park_grass_Fields_tampa_stephaniellen_photography

Diego is the one Dalila is holding here, Frieda is on the upper right, and Blue Eyed Troy who is less than a year old on the bottom right. They all looked so beautiful in the evening light! I was so happy to find the ‘glowing’ field you see behind Dalila. I am always wishing I could find fields of flowers in the area to use as a background but this looked just as beautiful! The green grass contrasted so nicely against the pups as well!


Amazingly Frieda and Troy were happy to sit on the railing of this bridge and the resulting image is now an all time favorite of mine! All three of them did a great job during our shoot!




So much fun!  I love watching happy dogs run free-so much positive energy!



Every photo shoot I do is an adventure! I never know what backgrounds I will find or when working with animals how easy they will be to work with. I had never been to this park before and it was amazing finding several beautiful spots. We all had a wonderful time!  To learn more about booking a pet photo shoot click here to visit the Pet Photography page on my Website or email me at

Updog International Finals Brooksville Florida


I am very late writing this post! The UpDog International Finals were held over the 3rd weekend in March in Brooksville Florida. I came on Sunday, the last day and had an amazing time photographing the super talented high-spirited dogs that were there!

I love taking action photos-capturing moments that pass too quickly for the naked eye to truly appreciate. And of course I love dogs! I originally intended to take photos for about 2 hours but ended up staying all day and taking some of my best action pet shots ever!


Some are actually very funny as well. These dogs LOVE their frisbees! It was so fun to watch them eagerly awaiting their turn to compete!

There were both small and large breeds there and some were more talented than others but all had a great time. Here are some collages of my favorite images.






This last shot was one of the last ones I took and wow does this dog look like he is flying high in the air!! Love it 🙂



If you would like to learn more about UpDog Challenge events check out their website!

Pet photography is my favorite part of my business! If you live in the Tampa or Orlando areas and need a pet photography check out my website or email me at Events, portrait sessions, pet parties, I do it all!



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