Spencer-Portrait Session:Tampa Portrait Photography

Hello everyone, I have been doing a lot of shooting the past few weeks but have not had much time to blog my work! Getting these sessions done has been a bit of a challenge as it has been a very rainy summer here in Tampa and I have had to do a lot of last-minute rescheduling. I actually ended up taking the photos in this post of Comedian Spencer Humm during the most brutal part of the day at Curtis Hixon park in Tampa. We succeeded in avoiding rain but not the heat or humidity. The concrete amphitheater there is a great place to take photos but with the strong sun reflecting light all over the place it was a challenging place to shoot!
I like challenges though-getting good images regardless of the circumstances is kind of like a game to me and I am happy with what we were able to achieve in about 45 minutes. Every time I post photos taken at Curtis Hixon Park I rave about how much I love taking photos there-there seems to just be an endless amount of great backgrounds there.
I love the gecko on the banner hanging from one of the buildings on the Tampa skyline and love finding ways to include it Love this particular image in black and white as well. When we climbed out of the amphitheater we discovered a bit of shade behind it where it literally felt 20 degrees cooler! I was able to set up my soft box and get my favorite images of the day.


I was then asked to take this last image, Spencer asked me to frame it a certain way and I was not sure why he seemed so excited about it. I later learned the set up was similar to a shot that appears during the intro for one of his favorite shows-‘Burn Notice’ which I have never seen. Later several people on Facebook commented that they knew exactly what inspired the shot which was a lot of fun to see.
Spencer is appearing-dressed very differently as half of the comedy act Hack and Slash at the Maryland Renaissance Festival this weekend be sure to check out their act if you are in the area!
This is their website-http://www.hackandslash.com/Hack_and_Slash/Welcome.html


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