Family Portrait Sessions-Mario, Joseph and Andrew-Tampa Portrait Photography

Hello everyone! I have a whole bunch of fun photographs to show you today! I was hired by Mario to do 3 different sessions of he and his sons in order to get a variety of photos to give his mother in Canada. I had more fun taking these photos than any I have taken in a while! Joseph and Andrew are fun, lively boys who loved being photographed and put on a great show for me each time we got together. You will see a lot of jumping shots which are among my favorite kind to take. I have a mini trampoline I purchased a while back for just such occasions and it was really put to good use with them. Our first shoot took place at Sand Key Beach which is just across a bridge from Clearwater Beach. I found a great area to set up the trampoline with a beautiful view and let them play. The sun was in just the right place to illuminate them perfectly. Here are some of my favorite:





It is amazing how high they appear to be jumping in these photos-standing there watching in real time they do not appear to go that high at all! Here also is a fun photo of Andrew posed in a nearby tree.

We then went down closer to the water and I asked the boys to run towards me so that the sun was illuminating them, this is my favorite one of those images-I love how happy they look!


Nice portrait of father and sons in front of Life Guard stand 🙂
I decided to take a few silo shots with the sun setting and Joseph sat down in the meditation pose out of nowhere which was just awesome!

For the next session we met at a community pool and got some really fun images against and interesting turned threatening sky-we finished just in time before the rain arrived.


As you can see there was more jumping involved…

I especially love this last one so much fun! We then met and took a few more photos at a baseball park and an Ice Skating Rink. The Ice Skating Rink was difficult as it was surrounded by plastic to the ceiling because they play hockey there as well. The only place I could stand to take photos was the doorway where you make your way onto the rink. It was quite the contrast to go from 90 degree humid ballpark to cold ice rink in one evening but was a lot of fun also!

As you can see we got a great collection of photos and this is just a sampling of my favorites. I hope to do more fun family shoots like this in the future-images like these are truly priceless. I also truly loved seeing how happy and free-spirited these boys were and think we adults need to re-incorporate this kind of joy into our lives more often as well.


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