Pet Photography-Groovy Cats and Dogs Shoot Tampa


Hello everyone I have some amazing dog portraits to share with you today! Last weekend I offered 30 minute pet portrait sessions at a fantastic holistic pet boutique called
Groovy Cats and Dogs. It is located in the Carrollwood section of Tampa at 2305 W. Linebaugh Ave-the Linebaugh on the ‘other’ side of Dale Mabry. The owner Yvonne and staff are all extremely nice and knowledgeable and they carry and amazing variety of healthy food, treats and more for your pets. They were having a special event that day and I was thrilled to be able to do these pet sessions. My first client was Rio as seen in the first photo. She was a little nervous but we got a few wonderful shots of her!


Next up was A.J. He was pretty easy to work with. The teal backdrop you see is 5×5′ and made of vinyl. I also had a ‘floor’ drop of the same size. These were great with the small dogs but a bit of a challenge with the larger ones. I had a large white vinyl backdrop I used a few times but everyone loved the teal! A.J. is totally adorable!




I love using props in my photography whenever I can. AJ was the one who was most cooperative with my stool and chair making for some extra fun images.


This is Flash. He was very nervous. I am very determined though and once again got a few great images. Such a beautiful dog!


The next three dogs come from the same household. First we have Kelo who is 14. He would stand where we wanted him to for about 5-7 seconds and then slowly walk off of the background. That was long enough for me to get what I needed.




I love this yawning photo so much! It may just be my favorite of the day but it is so hard to choose! Next is Dixie


Dixie was fearful of the flashing lights but the two shots I got as you see were keepers! Finally there is Cloe. More cuteness.



Next I had another set of three the challenge this time was to get all three together in a few photos. Their names are ZoE, Nikki, and Molly.


My last client of the day was the adorable young puppy Landry. She was pretty good for me and was just so much fun! Love her pink collar against the teal backdrop!


Amazing how different she looks with her ears perky compared to when they were back!



Those eyes! I had a great time. I never know what to expect with dogs and I am really just getting started photographing them in a studio setting. I am really pleased with what I was able to accomplish in a short period of time and had so much fun doing it! For those interested I used 2 shoot through umbrellas with my Alien Bees 400 lights-one on either side. Camera left the light was towards the front of the backdrop, camera right most of the time the light was more towards the back of the backdrop but I moved them around depending on the size of the dog. I hope to do more events like this in the future!


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