Buddy-Tampa Pet Photography


Buddy is a sweet and adorable West Highland Terrier who lives in Largo, Florida with his best friend William who asked me to photograph him. We took most of these photos in the Belleair area just south of Clearwater Beach. There is a beautiful spot there that looks down and over the Clearwater area I never knew about. I love taking running shots of dogs and the ones I took of Buddy came out super cute! Love his jacket!



American flag scarf looks great against the green!


That face! Buddy goes everywhere with William and everyone loves him-of course!


Enjoying the beautiful view.


Fun rolling around.


He did not want to stay on this bench unfortunately


I really love this shot of him walking towards me. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun meeting Buddy and William. If you live in the Tampa or Orlando area and are interested in a pet portrait shoot check out my website! I will be taking photos at Dog Days in Dade city and at the Up Dog International Finals in Brooksville this weekend. Will share the best shots here next week!


Tina & Kunal-Florida Botanical Gardens-Tampa Orlando Portrait Photography


Tina and Kunal were married at the courthouse in January and asked for a portrait session at a beautiful location soon after. Cool windy weather forced us to postpone but about 2 weeks ago we finally got together at the beautiful Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida. It was a beautiful day and we saw 2 other couples being married while we were there!


It is a great location-about 45 minutes from the Tampa area, if it was closer I would work there a lot more often. While there were not as many flowers as usual in February there were still many beautiful areas to pose this beautiful couple!


One of Tina by herself.

I especially like these next few there was a very small informal wedding going on just to my right as I snapped these shots!






Love this, it always looks nice to have a road winding away in the distance!


Just a gorgeous place!


For the ‘finale’ I decided to have the couple lay on a beautiful mosaic tile bench, there was a second one next to it I could stand on and look down at them.

couple portrait_mosaic_tile_Tampa_Florida_Stephaniellen_photography

I look at every photo shoot I do as an adventure! This one featured a very nice beautiful couple and a beautiful place full of positive energy. It was a great evening! If you are interested in a portrait shoot contact me via email at stephaniellen11@gmail.com. Check out more of my work on my website Stephaniellenphotography.com



Gabrielle-Six days & Six Months-Tampa Newborn Child Photography


First let me say I guess this post is going to be the reintroduction of my blog. I logged on today to see I had not posted anything here for a year! I knew it had been a while but not that long! It was about a year ago I started getting very busy and simply had a hard time finding the time to blog each photo shoot I did. I never meant to stop writing all together. 2015 was actually the best year for Stephaniellen Photography yet! I started offering in home baby portraits, and got a lot of work doing corporate events many of them in Orlando. This post covers 2 photo shoots 6 months apart of the adorable Gabrielle!
I first met ‘Gabby’ when she was just a few days old so I will show those photos first. I have to say newborn photography is the most challenging category of photography I have encountered so far. Many assume pets would be more difficult but that is not the case. It just makes me feel all the more accomplished when I do walk away with fantastic images at the end!
I was so happy Gabby’s mom had the mermaid outfit for her so cute!


She was born with a lot of beautiful hair!


This next black and white shot is actually my favorite.


A few photos with mom and dad.




Six months later my oh my how Gabby has grown! This session was easy, she was happy the entire time!


I loved the outfit she had on and the bow in her hair.


Love that flower! Also of course all of the color!



Outfit and background change-lady bugs! I love here expression here it reminded me of Shirley Temple when she says ‘Oh my goodness!’


Both of these sessions were done at Abby’s home where I brought my portable studio. For more information on these kind of sessions check out the portrait package page on my Website I am looking forward to going outside for her 1st Birthday session in August!


Baby Portraits: Harrison-Tampa Orlando Portrait Photography

Hello everyone.

Wow. I haven’t posted anything in a very long time! I thought I had posted something much more recently than I had! I have been very busy and always post new photos to Facebook and update my site but it seems it has been hard for me to find time write posts here. I guess I will just have to post a few recent shoots in a row!

baby_boy_portrait_orlando_Tampa_StephaniellenphotographyToday I am showing off the highlights of my first baby portrait shoot! I took maternity portraits for Harrison’s mother LaReesa over the summer and he was born October 30th. He was almost 4 months old when these were taken a few weeks ago. I will have the opportunity to photograph a few more babies in the coming months and am excited to branch out into this new area of photography. I took my portable studio to LaReesa’s home which I really think is the best place to do these portraits.



Harrison was very good overall. He had a few cranky moments but I waited patiently for him to be happy again-or go to sleep. One of the reasons I like photography so much is it is like a meditation for me sometimes. I am completely focused on what I am doing just waiting for the right moment to take the photo. This is not so much the case when I am photographing adults but when I photography animals, children or am looking for candid moments I truly focus in more ways than one!

baby_boy_portrait_laying down


It is hard to not get good photos of a baby this cute! He has amazing eyes! Here are a few with a different background


Love this!


Always good to stand directly over babies like this and have them look right at you!


Portraits with mom and dad.




Finally a cute close up of his feet!


Please contact me if you or someone you know is looking for baby portraits! My next post will feature wedding photos.


Pooches in Pajamas-Tampa Pet Photography


Hello everyone! I have some really fun images to share with you today! I was hired by Miriam,the owner of Pooches in Pajamas in the Carrollwood section of Tampa to photograph some of her clients dogs to help promote her business. Pooches in Pajamas is a wonderful new concept in boarding your dog when you go on vacations/business trips etc-In HOME Sleepovers. Dogs stay in a cage-less home environment. Pets stay with Miriam or one of her host families-people who are retired or work from home so the pets will not be lonely! We did the photo shoot at Miriam’s beautiful home which has a wonderful fenced in yard. First we took photos of the dogs playing there.



white dog_running_jumping_stephaniellen_pet_photography

Fun! Little Emma was like a wind up toy, put her down and off she goes! All of the dogs had different personalities, some easier to photograph than others, some more responsive to squeakers some to certain phrases just like people they are all unique!




These two were beautiful and easy to direct which always makes my job easier!



Sam is a very handsome sweet beagle.




We then went inside to get some photos of the dogs in their PJ’s on a bed-a bit more challenging but a lot of fun!





_MG_0205-EditPet Photography_Orlando_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com

I was very happy to take these photos and promote this local business! It is a great concept! Please check out the Pooches in Pajama’s website if you are looking for a place for your pet to stay when you are away!

My next post will feature some more Holiday Pet Portraits.

Woofstock 2014 Carrollwood: Tampa Pet Photography


Hello everyone!  Today I have some of my favorite photos from the Woofstock ’14 event at Original Carrollwood park which was held to help out over 20 local Pet rescues  and also to help celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Groovy Cats and Dogs holistic pet boutique owned by Yvonne who you see in this top photo on the far right. She put a ton of work into making this event happen and it was all worth it!  It featured live music by Glad All Over and The Lint Rollers, pet related vendors of all kinds and amazing dogs having fun! There was also a surprise marriage proposal I was able to capture so it was just an amazing day!


This was also the first event I have set up my own tent/display at! I had some wonderful volunteers keep watch over things while I was roaming around photographing the event. I hope to be able to do more events like this in the feature and further expand the pet photography part of my business a lot in the next year!

Here are some photos of the vendors and entertainment.


Glad All Over


The Lint Rollers






Jon and Pam got engaged at Woofstock and I took a few photos of them after!





A couple more photos with my red house





And my favorite photos of of some of the amazing dogs!














I met a lot of great people and had a great time! To see a MUCH larger gallery of photos from the day visit THIS GALLERY on my website!



Woofstock in Carrollwood and my big red ‘Famous Beagle’ Dog House.


Hello everyone! I am excited to announce I will be the official photographer at Woofstock ’14 at Original Carrollwood Park November 1st 10am-2pm. The address is 11430 Orange Grove Road. I will have a booth/display promoting my pet photography and will also be taking Thanksgiving themed pet photos there from 12-2pm. The photos I will be taken will feature my ‘Famous Beagle Dog House’ which was built by myself with help from a neighbor of my moms. I had this idea almost a year ago and am so glad I made it happen. For the Woofstock event it will look like this:


As you can see it is flat on top so that smaller/lighter dogs may be posed on top or any dog can be posed in front of the house. Here is a close up of my friend Scooter sitting on top much as you often see a certain Beagle we know well.


The cost to have your pets photo taken with the house at Woofstock is $15-$5 of which will be donated to rescue groups at the event. These will be quick shoots with the intention of getting one great shot-You will be emailed both a web and print resolution of that file with permission to print it as you like. If you wish to pay more to have me design/order Thanksgiving cards that is fine as well.

Here is a description of Woofstock from their Facebook Page:
The Original Carrollwood Park, in conjunction with Groovy Cats & Dogs, Happy Urban Dog, Amy’s Canine Kindergarten, and TampaPets [a coalition of over 60 local rescue groups], is proud to present their 1st annual Woofstock at Original Carrollwood Park event, a celebration of pets, family and community. The event includes live music by The Lint Rollers and Glad All Over, a Superhero Kids Walk, Prize Raffles, Food Vendors, lots of adoptable pets and activities for both dogs and kids.

I will also be decorating my house for Christmas of course! You will be able to have Christmas photos taken of your pet with it at Groovy Cats and Dogs in Carrollwood November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving. I believe I will be there 11-5 but will do an updated blog post with final details. One day special then will be $30 (+$10 each additional dog per 1 owner) For that you will receive 2 5×7″ prints, a photo ornament and a full res photo emailed to you. Cards may be purchased from me separately if desired. I am keeping this price down by asking you pick up your prints and ornament from Groovy which will be delivered there within 10 days of the event.


The house is also available for use in ‘full’ pet photo shoots. I am also willing to bring it to a local dog park/your back yard for other holiday mini sessions if you can get together a total of 5 or more owners/pets to come during a 2-3 hour period. I already have several shoots booked for November but still have a few open dates. Contact me via email Stephaniellen11@gmail.com if you are interested. I will be sharing the best images from these events here after. Hope you will come see me at either Woofstock or Groovy Cats and Dogs!

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