Woofstock in Carrollwood and my big red ‘Famous Beagle’ Dog House.


Hello everyone! I am excited to announce I will be the official photographer at Woofstock ’14 at Original Carrollwood Park November 1st 10am-2pm. The address is 11430 Orange Grove Road. I will have a booth/display promoting my pet photography and will also be taking Thanksgiving themed pet photos there from 12-2pm. The photos I will be taken will feature my ‘Famous Beagle Dog House’ which was built by myself with help from a neighbor of my moms. I had this idea almost a year ago and am so glad I made it happen. For the Woofstock event it will look like this:


As you can see it is flat on top so that smaller/lighter dogs may be posed on top or any dog can be posed in front of the house. Here is a close up of my friend Scooter sitting on top much as you often see a certain Beagle we know well.


The cost to have your pets photo taken with the house at Woofstock is $15-$5 of which will be donated to rescue groups at the event. These will be quick shoots with the intention of getting one great shot-You will be emailed both a web and print resolution of that file with permission to print it as you like. If you wish to pay more to have me design/order Thanksgiving cards that is fine as well.

Here is a description of Woofstock from their Facebook Page:
The Original Carrollwood Park, in conjunction with Groovy Cats & Dogs, Happy Urban Dog, Amy’s Canine Kindergarten, and TampaPets [a coalition of over 60 local rescue groups], is proud to present their 1st annual Woofstock at Original Carrollwood Park event, a celebration of pets, family and community. The event includes live music by The Lint Rollers and Glad All Over, a Superhero Kids Walk, Prize Raffles, Food Vendors, lots of adoptable pets and activities for both dogs and kids.

I will also be decorating my house for Christmas of course! You will be able to have Christmas photos taken of your pet with it at Groovy Cats and Dogs in Carrollwood November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving. I believe I will be there 11-5 but will do an updated blog post with final details. One day special then will be $30 (+$10 each additional dog per 1 owner) For that you will receive 2 5×7″ prints, a photo ornament and a full res photo emailed to you. Cards may be purchased from me separately if desired. I am keeping this price down by asking you pick up your prints and ornament from Groovy which will be delivered there within 10 days of the event.


The house is also available for use in ‘full’ pet photo shoots. I am also willing to bring it to a local dog park/your back yard for other holiday mini sessions if you can get together a total of 5 or more owners/pets to come during a 2-3 hour period. I already have several shoots booked for November but still have a few open dates. Contact me via email Stephaniellen11@gmail.com if you are interested. I will be sharing the best images from these events here after. Hope you will come see me at either Woofstock or Groovy Cats and Dogs!

Maternity Portraits-Lake Eola Park-Orlando


Hello everyone. I have been about lazy about updating the blog! A few days after this maternity portrait session I went on vacation to Los Angeles to visit my oldest friend and had a great time! I would love to do some portrait sessions out there. Maybe next year. This session for LaReesa was done at Lake Eola Park in Orlando. I really like this location and hope to have the chance to do more sessions there. There is a large lake in the center populated by many geese, swans, and ducks and lots of great backdrops. It was very hot and humid and we didn’t manage to walk all the way around the lake but we got some great images! LaReesa and her husbund Darryl are expecting their baby at the end of October. They are going to let it be a surprise as to whether it is a boy or a girl.


As you can see these fist two images were taken in front of the Japanese garden area of the park. It really is a fun place to visit and people watch.


We then moved to an area that was a little more private but with the beautiful tropical plants we have her in Florida in the background. I really love the below black and white close up of the ‘heart’ they made with their hands!


Baby booty photos. The one with both of their hands was inspired by a photo I saw when doing a google image search when looking for ideas for this shoot. Doing this always helps inspire me.



Loved this tree.


LaReesa is a big New Orleans Saints fan and is hoping the baby will be too!



This next photo is probably my favorite of the day and also looks great in Black and White. Very romantic!


Whenever possible I love to get a silo shot at the end of portrait shoots. I wasn’t sure if it could happen at this location but I was able to use the sky between the buildings of the downtown Orlando skyline to make it happen. Pumped up the colors and got this beautiful image.


My next post will feature portraits of my friends 3 year old son RJ I took while in Los Angeles. I also have a few engagement shoots and a High School Senior session with a baseball player I am really looking forward to! Fall is coming up fast. If you are thinking about having family or pet portraits done before the holidays NOW is the the time to schedule a session!


Beach Wedding: Brenna and Rob-Tampa-Clearwater Wedding Photography


Hello Everyone!

Today I have some amazing beach wedding portraits to share with you! Brenna and Rob have been together for 7 years. They live in West Virginia and decided to elope and have a wedding ceremony at Sand Key beach just across a bridge from the busier Clearwater Beach.  We lucked out with no rain and amazing light! It was wonderful to meet such a nice and happy couple! Everything came together and these are some of my favorite photos ever!

groom, beach wedding


bride, bride beach, bride clearwater beach

I love these 2 shots taken just after they were pronounced man and wife!

beach wedding rocks, stephaniellen photography, sand key beach, clearwater beach wedding


beach wedding rocks, stephaniellen photography, sand key beach, clearwater beach wedding


We continued to shoot portraits until the sun set!

bride groom beach, bride groom clearwater, stephaniellen photography


groom holding bride, beach wedding, Tampa wedding photography, Stephaniellen photography


bride groom kissing beach, clearwater beach wedding, stephaniellen photography


groom lifting bride, clearwater beach wedding, stephaniellen photography

This couple were so much fun I love that they would do anything I ask and Brenna didn’t mind getting her dress wet by the end.

bride groom jumping, wedding clearwater beach, stephaniellen photography

Groom lifting bride, clearwater beach wedding, stephaniellen photography

I gave this next shot the ‘old photo’ treatment and love, love , love it!

bride groom clearwater beach, stephaniellen photography

Individual portraits

bride, clearwater beach, black white, beautiful


groom portrait, clearwater beach wedding, stephaniellen photography

Time for the sun to set

bride groom sunset, bride groom clearwater beach, stephaniellen photography


bride groom holding hands sunset beach, clearwater beach wedding, sand key park wedding, stephaniellen photography

bride groom holding hands sunset beach, clearwater beach wedding, sand key park wedding, stephaniellen photography

At first I didn’t think the sky was going to work well for the kind of silo shot I was hoping for but as we made our way back to the parking lot, taking a few more photos on the way I looked up and saw and amazing pink and purple sky! Was able to pose them in the parking lot with the palm trees in the background for this last amazing image!


romantic silo, bride groom silo beach, couple purple sky, stephaniellen photography


Thanks to my friend Javier for assisting me by holding my flash off camera helping take my photos up a notch! I  hope I get to do more beach weddings and portraits soon this was so much fun. I wish Brenna and Ron many happy years and hope they come back to visit us here in Florida again!


Run and Wag Tampa Bay: Barley the Great Dane, Crescent Lake Park St Petersburg Florida


Hello Everyone!

Today I have some photos to share with you from my latest Run and Wag Tampa Bay photo shoot. This one features Barley the Great Dan and his ‘person’ Charlie. Charlie’s sister gave him this shoot as a gift in honor of Barley’s 1st birthday!  Charley told me that Barley is not very large for a Great Dane, ONLY 100 lbs! We chose the beautiful Crescent Lake park in St Petersburg to do this shoot. I have been there several times but never done a pet shoot there. It is beautiful, has a dog park on one end and lots of geese and unique ducks live there as well.


Obviously it was a warm day and the humidity has returned for the summer here in Florida. It was a pretty nice day though and there are lots of shady spots at the park. Here you can see some beautiful purple and yellow flowers in the background.


There seemed to be endless opportunities for beautiful backdrops there! One thing I thought would be fun to do on this shoot was to find a very small dog to pose with Barley since he is so large. We went to the dog park and had the great luck to meet the adorable Dixie.


A 3 month old Beagle puppy who was SO sweet and friendly. The two became instant friends. Here is a little collage I made of the two of them.


When we walked away from the Dog Park area, Dixie was very sad and ran along the fence and cried. 😦

Here are two fun photos of Charlie and Barley together




We started this shoot at 9:30am which is not usually the time I do them but our original time in the evening 2 days before was rained out and there was possible rain this evening as well. It had gotten pretty warm by the time we were finishing and the light was not the best but I am still pleased with the results. Having a location with a lot of shady spots always makes things easier.



We ended up in an area where the geese were hanging out in the background. I really wish one would have wandered up close to stand next to Barley but alas that was not meant to be! Still they are a fun addition to the background in these 2 shots which I think are my favorites!




I had a great time photographing Barley who was a very laid back dog. I am of course still looking for more amazing dogs of all kinds to photograph in the most beautiful locations around Tampa Bay. I especially would like to do shoots in Ybor City, Tarpon Springs, Fort Desoto, Safety Harbor, and Dunedin. I will be making a large collage and possibly a book of the best images at the end of the year. Contact me if you would like your dog to participate in this project!


Baby Ducks 2014-Tampa Nature Photography


Hello everyone! Today I would like to share my favorite baby duck photos I have taken so far this year! Hopefully there will be many more. I look forward to finding them every year but it is also kind of sad for me.  Most of them do not make it to adulthood at the lake in my community. One day I will go down and see 6 the next 5 etc. The other day the latest group I photographed was down to only one. So it means a lot to me to capture these images-in them the appear so perfect and I am stunned by how adorable they really are. Some of these were taken at a lake behind a Holiday Inn in Tampa a neighbor told me about as well.


It so happens so far the babies I have seen so far are Muscovy even though there are plenty of mallards around! The Muscovy and Mallard babies pretty much look the same when they are this little. A few years ago I did find some that were totally yellow that were adorable hopefully I will find some of them again!   Baby ducks-especially when they are super little really like to stick together as well as sticking close to their mother and when the are not sleeping they are constantly moving! I took 100’s of photos to get the handful I am showing you here but it is worth it! I love watching them and waiting for the perfect moment.


I got a few group shots-I love the one above since two of them have their mouths open-so funny and cute!


Here they are walking-they were in the shade-this one is good because I focused on the duck in the front. A lot of people are obsessed with ‘fast’ lenses but the wider open you shoot the less you get in focus and with wildlife-especially a group of animals you want them all in focus-most of the time I was shooting at f/8 and of course I wanted a fast speed so in the shad I had to hike up the ISO-even then it is not enough to keep them all sharp! All of these images were taken with my Canon 70-300mmL lens.


Most of the time I am able to get fairly close without scaring them away. The mother at the lake behind the Holiday Inn really let me do pretty much whatever I wanted which was awesome. The ones here where I live seemed a little more shy and I had to chase them around the lake. Of course it is easier if you have some bread to give them as well!  Here are some individual shots!





baby _duck_wet

So cute!





I will end with my favorite 3 individual shots I have taken thus far.


This one actually sad still a few seconds with no brothers/sisters or mom in the shot! I love how this shot shows off how big their feet are even at this age! You can see some water drops on the feathers and I nailed the focus right on the eye. As soon as I took this I knew it would be a favorite!


This one is sitting on the water-I recently noticed that they all have the cool little brown line going from their eye out to the back of their heads.


Finally the one with the tilted head. I love when they do this! I see the adults sometimes tilt their heads and look up at the sky as well and it is so cute!  Depending on how many more good photos I get this year I may add them to this post or do an additional one. All of these are available as large prints or canvas wraps, email me if you are interested.



Fort Desoto Dog Beach-Tampa St Petersburg Pet Photography



Hello Everyone! I am some super fun photos to share with you today form the Dog Beach at Fort Desoto Park. I was there over the weekend primarily to attend a picnic with friends but decided to wander over to the dog beach to perhaps hand out some cards and take some photos of the dogs there having fun. I MUST get over there more often. They say Disney World is the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ but this dog beach especially on a Saturday must be right up there as well. Even if you don’t have a dog I urge you do go sit and observe the fun. There must have been upwards of 100 dogs there at this time! Fort Desoto is about 45 minutes from my place in Tampa so when I do go I usually pick a weekday when it isn’t as busy so I had never seen so many dogs on this beach at once!  Dogs of all varieties and sizes having SO much fun! Running in the water for toys, swimming, running in the sand playing with each other. I was in my glory and will be going more that is for sure. The two dogs in these first 2 photos went out to get their toy and then swam back together each with an end of the rope in their mouth. Then when they got back to the beach they played tug of war so fun to watch!



This next dog was looking out into the water at its owner who was swimming but he seemed too afraid to go all the way out, all of a sudden he stood up on his feet and I was able to capture this image.


This little dogs name is Dexter, I talked to his ‘parents’ and am sending them these photos. He was having an amazing time swimming and rolling around in the sand!  He is almost the same color as the sand so I hope you can see him in that shot!




This dog had the tennis ball so deep in his mouth-he looks almost zombie like LOL like he is really afraid someone will take it from him!




I love this next photo of a Golden Retriever-SO wet!



I was happily surprised when I heard my name and saw fellow photographer Candra who I went to IADT college with there with her little dog! He is adorable!


A few more fun images!




Finally I have a few images of Foxy, half Corgi,  half German Sheppard all cute. Foxy was visiting us from Georgia!






Fort Desoto is one of the locations I most desire to do some Run and Wag Tampa Bay Pet shoots! Click the link to find out more and contact me if you are doing a pet photo shoot there or anywhere else in the Tampa Bay area. I am also just 9 ‘likes’ short of 200 on my Facebook Page so if you haven’t done so yet please like it :).


Run and Wag Tampa Bay-Bella, Doodles, & Pooch-Chini Clearwater Beach FL-Tampa Bay Pet Photography


Hello everyone!

Today I bring you photos from my latest Run and Wag Tampa Bay pet shoot! This one took place at Clearwater Beach. 3 dogs in a busy place like that was a challenge and I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to get the photos I wanted near the beach but fortunately no one objected and I was able to capture some really adorable images!  The above image was the only one I could get all three in one shot looking cute.  I have come to see that if you have multiple dogs-unless they are well-trained or have the kind of personalities where they will easily sit still together-getting a great group shot is a task in and of itself and can pretty much take up the entire time of the shoot.  Even with people the more people in the shot the more time it usually takes to get the ‘perfect’ images you want.

These dogs all had very sweet personalities and individually were not difficult to photograph at all especially considering all the activity going on around them! Pooch-Chini and Doodles are the Doxies and Bella is the mixed breed-lab and chow and ? We started in a grassy area across from the beach with some nice tall grass in the background for some individual portraits. I was also able to get a great shot of the 2 doxies together.







This next one I include simple because it made me laugh!



We then crossed over to take some photos on the ledge along the beach walk. For some truly unjust reason there is no ‘dog beach’ in Clearwater but I was still able to use the beach in the background and we also took a chance after this as you will see taking the dogs up on the sand dunes, was so happy no one stopped us!






We went up on the dunes and it was a little breezy-the other challenge was some of the tall grass getting in between me and my shot so had to look for clear spots.




I love these of Bella




Time really flew and we just had time for a few more photos along the walkway before sunset.








Thanks to Sean for hiring me to photograph these adorable dogs! They were really sweet and it was a lot of fun! I am still looking for more dogs to participate in my Run and Wag Tampa Bay project. Clicking the link takes you to my website which gives you the details! I want to photograph all kinds of dogs in the most beautiful locations around Tampa Bay. Especially looking to do shoots near Tarpon Springs, Fort Desoto Beach, Ybor City and Safety Harbor.

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