Christmas Pet Portraits 2017-Tampa Orlando Pet Photography

Hello Everyone! I cannot believe how fast the month of December has flown by!
I have been super busy November and December taking a lot of photos of dogs with Santa Clause at Doggy Day Cares and a Veterinarian’s office as well as family portraits. Today I am showing off my favorites from two Christmas themed dog portrait shoots.

First we have Beau who I photographed both at his home in South Tampa and at the Picnic Island Park nearby


Beau was not too sure about me when I first arrived but after I gave him a few treats he decided I was a friend! I was SO happy to see that he was willing to hang out in front of the Christmas Tree for what turned out to be some of my favorite dog shots of the year!



So cute! I used these with my flash on camera aimed toward the white ceiling with at Flash Bender attached to it to bounce a bit of light towards him. It isn’t easy to get good portraits with Christmas trees because if you aim your flash at it you will get too much light on the tree and it looks horrible! I also love Beau’s reflection on the hard wood floor!


We then took Beau to Picnic Island park. We did this photos late morning and the light was crazy bright there! This does not matter as much when photographing dogs as it does people. We had a great time and I am hoping I may get to photograph Beau again in the future!


Next we have Champ and Chica! Somehow I have never done Christmas themed dog photos at the beach before! I was so happy when their mom Kelly contacting me requesting this theme! We found a non-touristy section near Indian Shores Beach and went there late afternoon on a weekday. It was largely overcast but a nice day.  We ended up taking most of the photos on a nearby picnic table as it seemed harder to get them to stay put in the sand but I managed to get this great shot with the Pier Behind them!

We then moved to the picnic table (the only one around!) and got a few shots of them both separate and together.


So adorable! It was almost time for sunset.  Kelly had an idea for me to photograph her with them from behind wearing her Santa hat. As soon as she sat down and I looked at the scene I knew I was going to be able to get an epic photo that would become one of my all time favorite photos! Here it is-


I have a back log of photos to share with you in the near future as well as posting my favorites from 2017. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas an amazing 2018!

If you are interested in booking a photo shoot with me check out my website  . You can contact me via email at


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