Central Bark Christmas Pet Portraits-Pet Photography Tampa Orlando

Hello Everyone! Today I am excited to share with you what I think are my best Christmas Pet Photos ever! These were taken at Central Bark Doggie Day Care in Tampa along with some photos of these dogs with Santa. A last-minute decision to use this beautiful textured red background really paid off-the color just popped like crazy! First are Watson and Percy



dogs_christmas_Pet_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_8509-Edit     I also went with some pretty simple props. I have learned trying to use larger things to have the dog stand next to behind or one doesn’t work well. The focus needs to be on the dog and their expression and it is hard enough getting them to stand in one area-making it even more restrictive just makes the shoot more stressful. A Christmas bow, some artificial snow balls, scarves and a cool ‘zebra’ Santa hat seemed to work out perfect.

Next is Shadow who I have photographed a few times and always does a great job! I posted another amazing Christmas shot of him in my last post that will be featured on the calendar I am creating.



Oh yes and I also used a fun Candy Cane squeaky I found in Home Goods. Shadow has the most amazing eyes! Next is Ben.



I love this one with the bow he looks like he is winking at me and laughing! So much fun! I have also photographed Coby a few times now.


dogs_christmas_Pet_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_8425-Edit     The red hat was another find a Home Goods. I would really like to get one of those old-fashioned long winter hats with a pom pom on then end! Hopefully next year! Who is next? How about Ollie!?


dogs_christmas_Pet_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_8448-EditHappy dog! I really do love the hat! Next is Dakota another repeat customer love him!



I changed the red bow to green in Photo Shop in this case. Buying some alternate colors for future shoots. Next we have Daisy and Diesel!




I especially love Diesel with the green scarf he looks so dignified and also how happy Daisy looks in this photo!  Next meet Ranger!



I really love the artificial snow balls! I used some at a beach family photo shoot last week and got some fun shots of children throwing them in the air. Will be sharing those photos here soon! A fun way to bring a little ‘snow’ here to sunny Florida! Ranger looks so amazing in these photos. They all do! Next is Buster and Bella.





Here we have some fun greet reindeer antlers! So much cuteness! An adorable duo! Next is Stella B.



People think it is really hard to photograph black dogs but I have never had a problem. When outside the important thing is that you have them out where the sun is falling on them in even lighting-if there is a super bright sky behind them you won’t get a good shot without a flash. I use 2 umbrellas for these indoor pet shoots which give off a nice soft even light. I do have to sometimes turn up the power for the darker dogs. Next is Cindy.



Another happy dog! They all have such a good time at Central Bark with all of their friends! Next is the super sweet Lily James!




I edit these individually so they don’t all have the same ‘look’ color wise. I like playing with vintage filters and they worked well with some of these. Sometimes it is hard to get dogs to lay down I am glad Lily James wanted to!  Finally here is Ellie May! She belongs to an employee at Central Bark and is very sweet.


That’s it! I also photographed 70+dogs with Santa at Central Bark and the South Tampa and Brandon Puppy Palaces that week! I really look forward to my Christmas pet photos every year! If you are interested in a pet shoot contact me at stephaniellen11@gmail.com. Check out my website for more of my pet, portrait and event work! I have some openings in December but my schedule is changing every day. I primarily do on-location outdoor pet portraits but if you like this look can bring my lights and background to your home to set up in a garage or large room. My next post will be something different, some adorable photos of a 1-year-old girl at Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor. Thank you for checking out this post!



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