Fun at Fort Desoto Dog Beach! Tampa St Petersburg Pet Photography


Hello!  My last post featured my favorite photos from my session with Darth Vader the Corgi at Fort Desoto beach. After my session was over I stayed there to photograph some of the other dogs having fun there. My favorite way of marketing myself is popping up at dog parks and dog beaches to hand out my card and get some impromptu photos. I got the names of some but not all of the dogs I will feature in this post. This first dog is Bella and she was so happy and full of energy!



It is so fun to watch the Dogs arrive at the beach-some are so filled with excitement and they are bursting with energy and happiness to arrive at their favorite place! Bella was overflowing with happiness!



I love how I caught Bella’s ears standing up in this shot!


I didn’t get the name of this puppy it was probably his first time there-so cute!


This is Stella. She stayed around where her dad was sitting back from the other dogs. I got a few super cute photos of her playing with a seashell-the first time I have seen a dog pay any attention to one!





I remarked to a friend recently that I haven’t had the chance to photograph any Dalmatians and then a few days later spot these two! One is actually mixed Dalmatian/Lab.

This is Harley-a Bassett Hound / Boxer mix! He was so awesome. He was at the beach with his sister Pepper.

It is so much fun to look around and just try to find and capture unique moments that otherwise would have passed without much notice. I will finish this post with a few of them.



I love this last image-two friends staying close!  If you would like to hire me for a pet photo shoot email me at  I work both the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas. Check out the Pet Photography Page of my website! Also check out the Gallery Of my Favorite Pet Images on my site.



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