Stella-1st Birthday Session-Tampa Orlando Child Portraits


Hello! Today I am bringing you my favorite photographs from my session with Stella to celebrate her turning 1! I photographed her for the first time last November when she was 2 months old and she is growing fast! I have photographed her mom’s wedding and cannot believe how fast the time has gone!


We planned to take some photos inside and some out but ended up doing most of them inside due to the humid and rainy September weather in Orlando. Stella did an amazing job posing for her portraits! I never know what to expect with children this age. Stella was great at sitting wherever we wanted her to so it was a pretty easy session. It was more difficult to get standing photos because she wanted to move then. I still got the super cute first shot of her leaning on the chair though!



Once we saw she would sit still for us it was a matter of me catching a variety of expressions and poses.


I especially love this portrait I was able to capture of Stella and her mom Nathalia!


I covered a cube they had in the house with purple background material I had with me. Mom hid behind it to make sure Stella stayed safe but she did a great job sitting still for us there! We had this floral 1 on the floor and she wanted to play with it. I am amazed I was able to hit the shutter at just the right moment to get this shot!



This is my favorite image from our session! I edited it to have a bit of a vintage look .


We tried another chair and Stella was happy to sit in it as well!



I also especially love this close up!


We did take a few photos outside at the beginning and at the end.


Stella with her Dad Tim.


I love doing the parent holding the baby up in the air shots-super cute!



Here we had a roof over us and it was raining in background.


Last shot of the day is another super cute one! Stella is a very happy little girl! I look forward to watching her grow, we have several ideas for photos with her over the next few years.

If you are interested in a Child Portrait session-or any kind of portrait session check out the Portrait Page of my website.


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