Tina & Kunal-Florida Botanical Gardens-Tampa Orlando Portrait Photography


Tina and Kunal were married at the courthouse in January and asked for a portrait session at a beautiful location soon after. Cool windy weather forced us to postpone but about 2 weeks ago we finally got together at the beautiful Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida. It was a beautiful day and we saw 2 other couples being married while we were there!


It is a great location-about 45 minutes from the Tampa area, if it was closer I would work there a lot more often. While there were not as many flowers as usual in February there were still many beautiful areas to pose this beautiful couple!


One of Tina by herself.

I especially like these next few there was a very small informal wedding going on just to my right as I snapped these shots!






Love this, it always looks nice to have a road winding away in the distance!


Just a gorgeous place!


For the ‘finale’ I decided to have the couple lay on a beautiful mosaic tile bench, there was a second one next to it I could stand on and look down at them.

couple portrait_mosaic_tile_Tampa_Florida_Stephaniellen_photography

I look at every photo shoot I do as an adventure! This one featured a very nice beautiful couple and a beautiful place full of positive energy. It was a great evening! If you are interested in a portrait shoot contact me via email at stephaniellen11@gmail.com. Check out more of my work on my website Stephaniellenphotography.com




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