Baby Portraits: Harrison-Tampa Orlando Portrait Photography

Hello everyone.

Wow. I haven’t posted anything in a very long time! I thought I had posted something much more recently than I had! I have been very busy and always post new photos to Facebook and update my site but it seems it has been hard for me to find time write posts here. I guess I will just have to post a few recent shoots in a row!

baby_boy_portrait_orlando_Tampa_StephaniellenphotographyToday I am showing off the highlights of my first baby portrait shoot! I took maternity portraits for Harrison’s mother LaReesa over the summer and he was born October 30th. He was almost 4 months old when these were taken a few weeks ago. I will have the opportunity to photograph a few more babies in the coming months and am excited to branch out into this new area of photography. I took my portable studio to LaReesa’s home which I really think is the best place to do these portraits.



Harrison was very good overall. He had a few cranky moments but I waited patiently for him to be happy again-or go to sleep. One of the reasons I like photography so much is it is like a meditation for me sometimes. I am completely focused on what I am doing just waiting for the right moment to take the photo. This is not so much the case when I am photographing adults but when I photography animals, children or am looking for candid moments I truly focus in more ways than one!

baby_boy_portrait_laying down


It is hard to not get good photos of a baby this cute! He has amazing eyes! Here are a few with a different background


Love this!

Always good to stand directly over babies like this and have them look right at you!


Portraits with mom and dad.



Finally a cute close up of his feet!

Please contact me if you or someone you know is looking for baby portraits! My next post will feature wedding photos.



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