Run and Wag Tampa Bay: Barley the Great Dane, Crescent Lake Park St Petersburg Florida


Hello Everyone!

Today I have some photos to share with you from my latest Run and Wag Tampa Bay photo shoot. This one features Barley the Great Dan and his ‘person’ Charlie. Charlie’s sister gave him this shoot as a gift in honor of Barley’s 1st birthday!  Charley told me that Barley is not very large for a Great Dane, ONLY 100 lbs! We chose the beautiful Crescent Lake park in St Petersburg to do this shoot. I have been there several times but never done a pet shoot there. It is beautiful, has a dog park on one end and lots of geese and unique ducks live there as well.


Obviously it was a warm day and the humidity has returned for the summer here in Florida. It was a pretty nice day though and there are lots of shady spots at the park. Here you can see some beautiful purple and yellow flowers in the background.


There seemed to be endless opportunities for beautiful backdrops there! One thing I thought would be fun to do on this shoot was to find a very small dog to pose with Barley since he is so large. We went to the dog park and had the great luck to meet the adorable Dixie.


A 3 month old Beagle puppy who was SO sweet and friendly. The two became instant friends. Here is a little collage I made of the two of them.


When we walked away from the Dog Park area, Dixie was very sad and ran along the fence and cried. 😦

Here are two fun photos of Charlie and Barley together




We started this shoot at 9:30am which is not usually the time I do them but our original time in the evening 2 days before was rained out and there was possible rain this evening as well. It had gotten pretty warm by the time we were finishing and the light was not the best but I am still pleased with the results. Having a location with a lot of shady spots always makes things easier.



We ended up in an area where the geese were hanging out in the background. I really wish one would have wandered up close to stand next to Barley but alas that was not meant to be! Still they are a fun addition to the background in these 2 shots which I think are my favorites!




I had a great time photographing Barley who was a very laid back dog. I am of course still looking for more amazing dogs of all kinds to photograph in the most beautiful locations around Tampa Bay. I especially would like to do shoots in Ybor City, Tarpon Springs, Fort Desoto, Safety Harbor, and Dunedin. I will be making a large collage and possibly a book of the best images at the end of the year. Contact me if you would like your dog to participate in this project!



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