Baby Ducks 2014-Tampa Nature Photography


Hello everyone! Today I would like to share my favorite baby duck photos I have taken so far this year! Hopefully there will be many more. I look forward to finding them every year but it is also kind of sad for me.  Most of them do not make it to adulthood at the lake in my community. One day I will go down and see 6 the next 5 etc. The other day the latest group I photographed was down to only one. So it means a lot to me to capture these images-in them the appear so perfect and I am stunned by how adorable they really are. Some of these were taken at a lake behind a Holiday Inn in Tampa a neighbor told me about as well.


It so happens so far the babies I have seen so far are Muscovy even though there are plenty of mallards around! The Muscovy and Mallard babies pretty much look the same when they are this little. A few years ago I did find some that were totally yellow that were adorable hopefully I will find some of them again!   Baby ducks-especially when they are super little really like to stick together as well as sticking close to their mother and when the are not sleeping they are constantly moving! I took 100’s of photos to get the handful I am showing you here but it is worth it! I love watching them and waiting for the perfect moment.


I got a few group shots-I love the one above since two of them have their mouths open-so funny and cute!


Here they are walking-they were in the shade-this one is good because I focused on the duck in the front. A lot of people are obsessed with ‘fast’ lenses but the wider open you shoot the less you get in focus and with wildlife-especially a group of animals you want them all in focus-most of the time I was shooting at f/8 and of course I wanted a fast speed so in the shad I had to hike up the ISO-even then it is not enough to keep them all sharp! All of these images were taken with my Canon 70-300mmL lens.


Most of the time I am able to get fairly close without scaring them away. The mother at the lake behind the Holiday Inn really let me do pretty much whatever I wanted which was awesome. The ones here where I live seemed a little more shy and I had to chase them around the lake. Of course it is easier if you have some bread to give them as well!  Here are some individual shots!





baby _duck_wet

So cute!





I will end with my favorite 3 individual shots I have taken thus far.


This one actually sad still a few seconds with no brothers/sisters or mom in the shot! I love how this shot shows off how big their feet are even at this age! You can see some water drops on the feathers and I nailed the focus right on the eye. As soon as I took this I knew it would be a favorite!


This one is sitting on the water-I recently noticed that they all have the cool little brown line going from their eye out to the back of their heads.


Finally the one with the tilted head. I love when they do this! I see the adults sometimes tilt their heads and look up at the sky as well and it is so cute!  Depending on how many more good photos I get this year I may add them to this post or do an additional one. All of these are available as large prints or canvas wraps, email me if you are interested.




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