Fort Desoto Dog Beach-Tampa St Petersburg Pet Photography



Hello Everyone! I am some super fun photos to share with you today form the Dog Beach at Fort Desoto Park. I was there over the weekend primarily to attend a picnic with friends but decided to wander over to the dog beach to perhaps hand out some cards and take some photos of the dogs there having fun. I MUST get over there more often. They say Disney World is the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ but this dog beach especially on a Saturday must be right up there as well. Even if you don’t have a dog I urge you do go sit and observe the fun. There must have been upwards of 100 dogs there at this time! Fort Desoto is about 45 minutes from my place in Tampa so when I do go I usually pick a weekday when it isn’t as busy so I had never seen so many dogs on this beach at once!  Dogs of all varieties and sizes having SO much fun! Running in the water for toys, swimming, running in the sand playing with each other. I was in my glory and will be going more that is for sure. The two dogs in these first 2 photos went out to get their toy and then swam back together each with an end of the rope in their mouth. Then when they got back to the beach they played tug of war so fun to watch!



This next dog was looking out into the water at its owner who was swimming but he seemed too afraid to go all the way out, all of a sudden he stood up on his feet and I was able to capture this image.


This little dogs name is Dexter, I talked to his ‘parents’ and am sending them these photos. He was having an amazing time swimming and rolling around in the sand!  He is almost the same color as the sand so I hope you can see him in that shot!




This dog had the tennis ball so deep in his mouth-he looks almost zombie like LOL like he is really afraid someone will take it from him!




I love this next photo of a Golden Retriever-SO wet!



I was happily surprised when I heard my name and saw fellow photographer Candra who I went to IADT college with there with her little dog! He is adorable!


A few more fun images!




Finally I have a few images of Foxy, half Corgi,  half German Sheppard all cute. Foxy was visiting us from Georgia!






Fort Desoto is one of the locations I most desire to do some Run and Wag Tampa Bay Pet shoots! Click the link to find out more and contact me if you are doing a pet photo shoot there or anywhere else in the Tampa Bay area. I am also just 9 ‘likes’ short of 200 on my Facebook Page so if you haven’t done so yet please like it :).



One thought on “Fort Desoto Dog Beach-Tampa St Petersburg Pet Photography

  1. Lovely photo 🙂 I take photos of dogs too, if you have time feel free to check them out. Many thanks.

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