Run and Wag Tampa Bay-Bella, Doodles, & Pooch-Chini Clearwater Beach FL-Tampa Bay Pet Photography


Hello everyone!

Today I bring you photos from my latest Run and Wag Tampa Bay pet shoot! This one took place at Clearwater Beach. 3 dogs in a busy place like that was a challenge and I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to get the photos I wanted near the beach but fortunately no one objected and I was able to capture some really adorable images!  The above image was the only one I could get all three in one shot looking cute.  I have come to see that if you have multiple dogs-unless they are well-trained or have the kind of personalities where they will easily sit still together-getting a great group shot is a task in and of itself and can pretty much take up the entire time of the shoot.  Even with people the more people in the shot the more time it usually takes to get the ‘perfect’ images you want.

These dogs all had very sweet personalities and individually were not difficult to photograph at all especially considering all the activity going on around them! Pooch-Chini and Doodles are the Doxies and Bella is the mixed breed-lab and chow and ? We started in a grassy area across from the beach with some nice tall grass in the background for some individual portraits. I was also able to get a great shot of the 2 doxies together.







This next one I include simple because it made me laugh!



We then crossed over to take some photos on the ledge along the beach walk. For some truly unjust reason there is no ‘dog beach’ in Clearwater but I was still able to use the beach in the background and we also took a chance after this as you will see taking the dogs up on the sand dunes, was so happy no one stopped us!






We went up on the dunes and it was a little breezy-the other challenge was some of the tall grass getting in between me and my shot so had to look for clear spots.




I love these of Bella




Time really flew and we just had time for a few more photos along the walkway before sunset.








Thanks to Sean for hiring me to photograph these adorable dogs! They were really sweet and it was a lot of fun! I am still looking for more dogs to participate in my Run and Wag Tampa Bay project. Clicking the link takes you to my website which gives you the details! I want to photograph all kinds of dogs in the most beautiful locations around Tampa Bay. Especially looking to do shoots near Tarpon Springs, Fort Desoto Beach, Ybor City and Safety Harbor.


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