Engagement: Ashly and Aaron


Hello Everyone!

Today I have engagement photos to share! The session with Ashly and Aaron took place at St Petersburg Beach. Ashly and Aaron are actually from Missouri but vacation here every year and will get married here next March. I haven’t done a beach shoot in awhile and realize I do not go visit them nearly as much as I should living so nearby! This day was cloudless and to be honest we started a little too early, it was hard to find shade in the beginning.  The days with lots of white puffy clouds are my favorites because they help filter some of the harsh light. Still we made it work and eventually the beautiful light and sunset arrived.


I love this image. We shot this in front of Spinners Restaurant and I love the umbrella tables and palm trees in the background!




More fun with palm trees 🙂


As we wandered closer to the water we found this little boat rental shack  that had closed for the day. I think this black and white shot is my favorite of the day!




Finally the natural light started to get beautiful!







Then when the sun set I took my flash off camera for a few romantic night shots.





That’s the little boat rental hut in the background. Finally here is a silo shot-I love taking these!


Hopefully I will be taking more photos of Ashly and Aaron next March at their wedding!

My next post will be photos from my latest Run and Wag Tampa Bay shoot. This one features 3 adorable dogs at Clearwater beach!



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