Run and Wag Tampa Bay-Sienna and Alex-Rottweiler Lab Mix-St. Petersburg-Tampa Pet Photography


Hello everyone! Very excited to bring you the photos from my first ‘Run and Wag Tampa Bay’ photo session! It is even more fun because I photographed Rottweiler/Lab mix Sienna in October 2012 when she was just a puppy! I am posting a few before/after photos for you here. It was an amazingly beautiful day in St Petersburg-the previous day had been just the opposite cold rainy and grey. We did the session in the same area we did the first one-North Shore and Vinoy parks. When I photographed Sienna and her ‘mommy’ Alexandra the first time Sienna was afraid to be near the edge of the water. All grown up she had no problem laying along the water’s edge for me!


Sienna was pretty easy to work with and very well-behaved making this a very fun shoot. The first time I photographed her was around Halloween, this time it was almost Valentines day. Here is the first set of before/after photos!


Adorable! I was also able to get some fun shots of Sienna running with this gorgeous backdrop. Here are 3 of my favorites! How I managed to get these with no people in the background I do not know-it was very busy over there!


The light was just totally amazing!


Dogs are not supposed to be allowed on the beach there but both times I photographed Sienna she ….ended up there anyway ;). No one yelled at us so I was able to get some great images both times.



Alexandra coached volley ball so we posed Sienna with a ball both times.





This next photo is my favorite of Sienna and Alexandra together-what a gorgeous backdrop!


I love photographing people and pets near this park! I actually love that the sun does not set over the water here-instead from the other side it illuminates the beach, the water and all around it the sky over the water is often very beautiful as it is here just before sunset-just in a different way then it is when the sun is setting there.




At the end of the session we got Sienna to lay down in the pretty green grass and clover at the park, again the light made my job super easy this time!  It was so much fun to see how Sienna had grown and to now have 2 fun sets of portraits of her! I hope to get more clients with puppies so I can have this happen more often! My next post will feature photos from another Run and Wag session-this one of Lucy the Basset hound at Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa. If you or someone you know has a dog and would like to participate in my project please contact me! More information can be found on the post before this one and on my website






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