Best of 2013-Wildlife


Happy New Year everyone! Today is the first of three Best of 2013 posts I will be sharing. Today I am featuring my favorite wildlife photos with posts on my favorite portraits and pet photos of the year coming over the next couple of days. The photo featured above is my personal favorite for the entire year! I have a very large version of this blown up and framed in my bedroom. It was a magical moment I was incredibly fortunate to capture. I was photographing the tiny frogs that were sitting in a marshy area in my community. Earlier I had thought “it would be so cool if one of the many lizards that live here would be hanging out in the same area’. I was mainly thinking of the brown ones that are everywhere. Only every once in a while do I spot one of these green ones and when I spotted him here next to the frog I almost got too excited to get the shot before the frog jumped out of the way! I maintained calm and took this photo just in time. Here are a few more of the baby frog images I really like.

wildlife_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_3093-EditJune 21, 2013

wildlife_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_3040-EditJune 21, 2013


Next up my favorite baby duck photos. I look forward every year to taking these so much!!
wildlife_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_0843-Edit-EditMay 14, 2013



This next one was taken during the final moments of this sweet little ducks life and it will therefore always have a special meaning to me. Just after taking this photo when I was looking at something else and heard a splash, something in the water had pulled it under. I felt pretty stunned for some time after, just another reminder how precious every moment is in life.


Next on a happier note here are a few photos of the orangutans at the zoo who are always very entertaining!
wildlife_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_6982-2-EditFebruary 11, 2013

wildlife_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_6948-Edit-2February 11, 2013


This giraffe might just be my 2nd favorite animal photo of the year.

The baby elephants were also super cute!



I took a few fun squirrel photos I really like




One of 3 white ducks that live on the lake in my community ‘meditating’. I have a large canvas in my living room of this one.

I love photographing Simon the lion at Busch Gardens!
wildlife_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_6565-EditFebruary 05, 2013



I had to take this one through glass to get a photo of Simon with the pumpkins a lot of the animals were given for Halloween. Love it!


When I found out 3 lion cubs had arrived there I was excited to say the least! They had separate time out in the same area while still so young so I had to wait a while to photograph them in the summer heat the first time I went to see them. They were worth the wait and I went back another time to add to my collection of young lion portraits. Love them!







These are some seriously cute meerkats!



A few monkeys from the zoo over near West Palm beach. The baby looks too cute to be real!
wildlife_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_8904-EditMarch 10, 2013

wildlife_photography_Tampa_Stephaniellenphotography.com_MG_8897-EditMarch 10, 2013

I love these little moths they were flying around the same area where I photographed the baby frogs

Last but not least a kangaroo I photographed at Busch Gardens. You can feed and pet them there!


I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites! I love photographing these animals, I am not in a rush and can wait for just the right moment. I also never know what fun thing might happen. My next post will feature my favorite people photos of the year.



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