Andrew Rayce and Oscar-Tampa, Clearwater Portrait Pet Photography

Hello everyone! Today’s photos are from one of my favorite shoots ever! I was hired by Andrew to take photos of himself, his son and their dog Oscar by the water in Clearwater. It was a beautiful day with beautiful light! All of my subjects were pretty photogenic but the shoot did have its challenges. Oscar is a black dog-this alone did not worry me. A lot of people feel photographing black dogs are difficult and maybe working with a point and shoot camera makes that so but for me as long as the dog is standing/running where the light is hitting him/her and the lighting is fairly even it is not hard at all. The reason photographing Oscar was harder was the amount of hair he had around his eyes. In many of the photos he didn’t appear to have eyes at all! I as usual, took a lot of photos though and so of course got several where you can see his eyes and his full cuteness!









What we did have going for us was some gorgeous natural light and the opportunity to take the photos on a boat dock and on a boat, it was such a beautiful day!









Andrew ordered all of his chosen images in both color and sepia which was great. These photos looked so great with the antique look here are a few I liked best.





This series of 3 photos came at the end of the shoot. So often my favorite images come at the end! I absolutely love these so much love and emotion captured here.







I hope I get more work in the Clearwater area soon it is so beautiful there! Finishing off with one more photo and I will be back with a series of Best of 2013 posts in the next few days.

Father_son_dog_clearwater FL_stephaniellen



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