Some Groovy Cats and Dogs-Tampa Orlando Pet Photography

Hello Everyone! Recently I did spent a few days doing some pet photos at Groovy Cats and Dogs Holistic Pet store in Tampa. These particular shoots were short ones, the pets ‘auditioning’ for a spot in the 2014 Groovy Cats and Dogs Calendar. It was a challenge to capture quality images in such a short period of time but I am really happy with the results. Here I would like to share some of my favorites, many of which will be in the calendar.


Pet_photography_Tampa_Orlando_stephaniellen2013_MG_2762-Edit - Copy

Just this year I decided to start experimenting using studio backdrops with pets. Pet photography is challenging even outside in an environment where there is plenty of room for them to run around-with the 5×5′ backdrops we had to get them to stay and ‘pose’ in one place for many of the images. Some dogs do this quite easily others not so much. I also enjoy using different props-I love the red beads on the pup above!



This sweet little puppy melted my heart! He was happy to pose in the hat box just like a little model!


Pet_photography_Tampa_Orlando_stephaniellen2013_MG_2903 - Copy

We also had this cute picket fence to use as a backdrop on the store’s patio. These kittens were not so easy to photograph, the more people or animals you are trying to photograph the harder it is! I have to wait for that one perfect second- or 1/250 of a second to get the shot. Very happy with these!



Pet_photography_Tampa_Orlando_stephaniellen2013_MG_2827-Edit - Copy



These 3 dachshunds were very cooperative and so cute! Love them!


You know this dog is from Tampa with her Gasparilla outfit!

Here are some fall and Halloween themed pics.











A few more cat portraits



Finally a Christmas themed portrait

I am looking forward to getting more Christmas themed Pet Portraits at Groovy during my 20 minute Holiday shoots November 30th and December 7th. I have a few new backdrops and will have some fun new props as well!

Call or stop by to reserve you spot and get your pet some healthy treats for Christmas! I am also available for private pet and people portrait sessions of course. Time is flying-if you want to be sure to have Christmas cards/prints made and shipped to you on time please schedule your session before December 10th! Gift certificates are also available.


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