Baby Lions Busch Gardens

Hello everyone! I have some adorable photos to share with you today of the 3 baby lions that recently arrived at Tampa’s Busch Gardens. There are 2 females who are sisters and one male who is unrelated. They all came from South Africa. Ever since I heard of their arrival I have been eager to visit them and I finally had the chance this week. The only thing is these cubs are not out for display all of the time yet. You have to ask what time they will be out for the public to view when you arrive. I arrived at the park when it opened and found out I would not be able to see them until 1pm. Even though it was one of the hottest, most humid days of the year I decided to wait and it was worth it. The adult lions are taken to the back and then the cubs are brought out to play and they were so fun to watch!

lion_cubs_red_ball_busch _gardens

They played just like puppies do so obviously curious about everything going on around them, I could have watched them all day!



There were a few handlers there with them to supervise them, one of them was holding the branch with the leaves the little one is playing with in the above photos.


They moved pretty fast so I had to really concentrate and move along with them waiting to take photos at just the right moments! Some of the time they were playing in an area that was behind glass instead of out in the open so I couldn’t really take quality photos of them then. I am still really pleased with the photos I did get and hope to get some more photos of them before they get too much bigger!





There are also some baby tigers which were not out at all the day that I was there. Really hoping to be able to bring you some photos of them in the very near future as well! If you get the chance to go to Busch Gardens check them out!


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