Baby Frogs


Hello everyone! I am so excited to share the images I have for you today. A few years ago I came across baby frogs like these in the same marshy area by the lake where I live as I found them last week. This time there seemed to be more and I found myself drawn into the magical little world of this spot as I photographed them. Most people walk by and do not look twice at this area. It was fun to point them out to some of my neighbors who passed by.



Because there were so many there were never ending possibilities for photos! I captured some with my 70-300mm lens and others with my 100 mm macro lens but in order to use that I had to put my tripod-and my feet in many cases into a few inches of swampy water. The results are worth it I think. Observing this area closely over a few days I also discovered this little moth seems to live there and look how cute he is!



I found myself fascinated with this little world! I was chased off by the rain storms we have been getting here in Tampa lately a few times but still managed to get some of the best images I have ever captured!


I love this! The little frog perched on the top of this leaf looking out at the word-or his version of it!


Two friends hanging out in the shade.


There just seemed to be an endless array of artistic compositions before me!





On the second day I went out I thought to myself wouldn’t it be cool if one of the many lizards living in the area was hanging out on one of these leaves? Five minutes later I got my wish and then some! I would say 95% of the lizards I see here are the brown ones but every once in a while I spot one of these fun green ones. I was so excited to spot him especially as he blends in so very well!


After a little while he crawled over to one of the frogs and I was able to capture just this one image before the frog wisely jumped away! This will go down as one of my favorite images of all time!


Nearby were two little frogs who contributed to my other favorite image of this series-the flowers in the background add so much! I half expected a fairy to climb up next to the frogs at any moment! My favorite book as a little girl was The Secret Garden and I was reminded of it when taking these photos. Another highlight was having a mom and baby ducks wander by as I stood there with my tripod!


It is always worth it when walking in nature to really be totally present and really look at everything all around you!
I have placed 5 of these photos onto my Fine Art America website where you may purchase them as prints, canvas wraps etc. If there is a different one you like feel free to email me! My next post will feature the best images from my shoot with an adorable kitten named Romeo!


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