Senior Portrait Session:April-Tampa Portrait Photography

Hello Everyone! Today I am bringing you my favorite images from the shoot I did with April, who is graduating from High School this year. We chose Fort Desoto Park in St. Petersburg as our location. It is a beautiful place with beautiful beaches. On this afternoon/evening it was also very windy! It was still pretty bright out when we started the shoot. April brought an awesome pink chair as a prop. The first challenge with the wind was that because of the direction it was blowing I could not always use the background I wanted to because the wind would blow April’s hair in her face! A little wind can be nice for effects with the hair as long as it is blowing away from the subjects face. We did the best we could and got some fun shots anyway!




I really like the contrast between the wet and dry sand in this last photo along with the background! We had a wardrobe change and as the sun began to set made our way to another part of the park. As we were driving we were excited because it looked like it was going to be a beautiful sunset and I was really excited about the images we were going to get. We parked and as we were walking to the beach a bank of clouds came and completely covered up the sun! Ugh. I wish we had left 10 minutes earlier to come to this location but once again we did the best with the conditions we were given. Thankfully April’s mom was there hold the softbox which otherwise would have blown away for sure! All you can really do in these situations is laugh! I love the light from this softbox and am really happy with these next images. Love the hat. Accessories add so much!





This last image may be my favorite as it is not posed, April is laughing trying to keep her hat on in the wind. I love being able to shoot until it gets dark, I get such a great variety of images that way! We had a great time despite the challenges presented to us by nature!



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