Maria-St.Petersburg-Tampa Portrait Photography


Hello Everyone! Today I am excited to share with you photos from one of my favorite Portrait sessions ever! Maria is beautiful and has an amazing personality. We shot the photos at two locations, her home and at the North Shore Park in St. Petersburg, FL which is one of my favorite places in the area. The pool area behind her home provided a great backdrop, I so love the first photo leading off this post-the dress, the shoes, the beautiful back drop and of course Maria herself.




In these 3 photos I lit Maria’s face with my Apollo softbox while the late afternoon sun illuminated her hair from behind. There was shade from an overhang area that stretched out from the house so it worked really well!


We moved to a different area for a few standing photos and then had fun with a violin. When I google image searched ‘woman with violin’ I found an image similar to this one which we sought to replicate. Wasn’t actually that easy but this ends up being another of my favorite images from the day!



When I met with Maria to plan her photo session we decided we wanted at least one nice image of her on this beautiful sofa and we got one. This image was lite with 2 umbrellas attached to 2 Alien Bee 400 lights. We then got in the car and headed to the beautiful North Shore Park just north of the popular downtown area. The light was beautiful-only ‘problem’ was it was windy! I was able to shoot for a while just using the amazing natural light and then with a bare flash on camera. We had some more fun with the violin and captured some images with the soon-to-be-torn-down St. Petersburg Pier in the background.





These last few have a very old-hollywood/Marilyn Monroe feel to them which I absolutely love as I am a big fan of hers and that time period!




Had so much fun on this shoot! If there is anybody else out there that would like some portraits with the St. Pete Pier featured before it is taken down now is the time to do it! Thanks to Maria for choosing me as your photographer and to friend Raj who assisted me at the beach.


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