Palm Beach Zoo



Hello Everyone!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Palm Beach Zoo in West Palm Beach Florida for the first time. Every time I visit a new zoo or wildlife park there are usually just a few animals that stand out to me in terms of being good subjects for my photos. Often this has to do with how the animals are displayed. If there are fences or an ugly background I will probably skip those animals. The lighting conditions at the time I am there also matter a lot. I really enjoyed the Palm Beach zoo it is bigger than I at first thought it would be, there are a lot of lakes and it is just a peaceful place to hang out. The animal I found myself ‘obsessed’ with photographing there-spider monkeys. They have a wonderful area to live and play in surrounded by water. There was also an enclosed area they could run into when they wanted. They move around a lot and were just so much fun to watch! To make it even better I soon spotted one of the monkeys carrying a baby! I then became of course obsessed with capturing a few quality images of them together which proved to be no easy task! The mother would come out from the enclosed area a few minutes, then go back for a while. Most of the time when she was out the baby had its face towards her and/or she had her back to me. However as usual my patience paid off and I got a few good images the first one here is my favorite! I cannot believe how cute this baby is!



I love observing animals and waiting for just the right moment to get unique photos of them. Here are a few more of my favorite spider monkey photos:



There were two other animals I longed to capture amazing images of but the areas they were kept in make it difficult. One was this baby wallaby. The problem here was that he and his mom kept staying in the darkest parts of their enclosure. This zoo is very shady over all which is nice as it is so hot most of the year here in Florida but this area was a bit too dark. If I had been able to spend a few more hours there I may have had better luck. Here are two photos of the wallaby just to show you how cute he was!

Then there is this adorable Fennec Fox. His enclosure was surrounded not by a link fence, but a metal mesh! I really do not know how my camera was even able to ‘see past’ that mesh for these next two shots-that technology is beyond my understanding! They still are not as sharp as I would like but I am amazed they came out as well as they did! I have not yet had the opportunity to photograph foxes and this one was so adorable! I did some research and found that you can actually have fennec foxes as pets! They can be trained to use a litter box and are like the perfect combination of a dog and cat for a pet. I hope to have one someday!


If you would be interested in purchasing prints/canvas wraps/greeting cards of my best wildlife photography please visit my Fine Art America store!


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