My Favorite Lion

Hello Everyone! Today I have decided to dedicate an entire post to the male lion that lives at Busch Gardens here in Tampa. I went there yesterday and was fortunate to get several great images of him! He has become my favorite animal to photograph there. I am including a few of my most favorite images from previous visits there as well. I am just in total awe of the beauty of this animal and really enjoy watching him along with the 2 female lions he lives with. When I got there yesterday he was laying on top of these rocks and the females were nearby. Part of the area they live in is open and part of it is behind glass. I was lucky that they stayed out in the open almost the entire time I was there!



I love this photo, he looks like he is meditating. The lions always seem pretty peaceful whenever I am there. I believe they sleep something like 20 hours a day but they are often awake when I visit. Here is a photo of him yawning-he really could stand to get his teeth whitened!

This next image is one I took when I visited in December and is one of my all time favorite images which is surprising as it was taken through glass! His breath was fogging it up a little as you may be able to tell. Those eyes are just so amazing!

For less than a minute he shared the rocks with one of the females I really wish they had stayed there together longer but at least I got one good image!
I was hoping I was going to be there when the lions were fed a snack as he suddenly came closer to me and kept looking down the pathway where the caretakers usually come from with chunks of meat they throw out but they never appeared. At least it was an opportunity to get a few more unique images.



Eventually he gave up and laid down in the grass.



Finally I would like to re-share another favorite from a visit where I did get to see him being fed. In this image he is getting ready to try to catch a piece of meat about to be tossed his way-you can see how his eyes are paying close attention to what is going on!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing these images! I find looking into his eyes very calming. I wonder just how smart he is and what he thinks of people taking his photo all day!  They seem to have a pretty nice life and I love how close you are able to get there!



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