Gina and Tom-Engagement-Tampa Portrait Photography


Hello everyone! Today I have some photos to share with you from my engagement session with Gina and Tom. We chose Philippe Park and downtown Safety Harbor as our location. Philippe park is beautiful but when we started out the light was just not pretty. A white instead of a blue sky greeted us and everything just looked flat and dull. I was a little worried it was going to stay this way but luckily things turned around for us shortly after moving downtown to the Pier. We were still able to get a few good shots at the park. It features this amazing tree which was begging to be used as a backdrop! For these shots I used a wide angle lens and pretty much laid down on my stomach to get the composition I wanted.




Downtown the light softened and the sky turned a nice light blue just before sunset. I used what I call my ‘umbrella’ soft-box off camera to light the couple. We had fun taking some more candid relaxed photos against a beautiful backdrop.





At and after sunset they sky burst into an amazing array of colors! At Safety Harbor the sun does not set in the direct direction out behind the pier and water but we were able to find a spot where we could use this amazing sky as a backdrop. I LOVE shooting silhouettes and am was really excited to get this photo!


Just before it got totally dark the sky shifted again in its colors and I was able to take a few more photos before we called it quits.


Congratulations Gina and Tom! I have photographed Gina before and was so happy they chose me to shoot their engagement photos! The are a great couple and will be getting married in September. My next post will feature photos of an 18 year old Siamese cat named Ozzie and his ‘sister’ Princess.


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