Show Dogs-Tampa Pet Photography

Hello Everyone! Last month I was hired to photograph dogs at the AKC show in Orlando. Today I am sharing 10 of my favorite images. The dogs were all shot against a plain white background. I have had some fun in Photoshop to make them some of them a little more fun. It was so amazing to see so many beautiful dogs of all kinds there. I lead off with a dachshund as they are my favorite kind 🙂

I usually photography my subjects be they people or pets outside so it was great to get more practice taking some this way. I also took some ‘studio’ pet photos for Christmas. I like all of the photos but still in the end I just love being outside the most. Most of these dogs were very well-behaved which is really necessary with this setup. Outside they can run around and I can do a wider variety of shots here they really needed to sit or stand still. It was a great experience! I love dogs so much, they have so much love to give!


This one seems to lend itself to black and white and I like the way it turned out.
I LOVE it when you ask a dog a question and they turn their head from side to side as if they are trying to understand what you are saying! Just too cute for words! This next one I think may actually be my favorite, the dog has his eyes closed and looks like he is meditating I just love it!
Fun profile shot!

This one just looks elegant!
Love it!
Finally there is this adorable miniature American Shepherd. I loved her! I really wish I could have taken her and others home with me.
I hope I have the chance to photograph a lot more dogs this year!


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