Princess and Jacob: Tampa Pet Photography

Hello everyone and a belated Happy New Year! My first shoot of the year is a pet shoot. I photographed Princess and Jacob at Al Lopez Park in Tampa. I am so glad their person Rachel had a cute mini sofa to use as a prop it added so much to the photos! Any time you have more than one subject be they people or animals it is more difficult than having just one. I usually like to get action photos of dogs but Princess and Jacob did not seem in the mood to run and play. They did however seem to really enjoy sitting on this prop-I photographed them in different ways on it and it was just a matter of being patient and waiting for the right moments to get the images I wanted. The first image is my favorite along with this next one.
two_chiwawas_sweaters_sofa_Tampa_Stephaniellen_Pet _Photography

The weather was unfortunately very dreary that day. Bright overcast is great for photography-dark overcast not so much! I had to use my flash which isn’t always necessary with animals and the fenced off area of the dog park was not really very scenic. I had to do some creative editing to get the photos looking the way I wanted. For this photo I had a color version then created a sepia layer above it in photoshop and dialed down to 80% opacity letting a bit of the color come through I love the way it came out!
Both dogs finally ‘posed’ in this position for a full minute and I was able to take several shots some more zoomed in than others. I pulled back on this one and love it! Here are some of my other favorite images from this shoot.

My next shoot is something very different, engagement photos! Hope to share some of them with you next week. I am looking forward to new adventures of 3!all kinds in 2013!


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