Holiday Visit to Busch Gardens-Tampa Wildlife Photography

Hello everyone, I have some fun animal photos to share with you today! I went to Busch Gardens the other day and it was even more fun than usual since it was decorated for Christmas. I was very impressed with all of the decorations it really felt magical! I had some good luck getting photos of the animals this time, much better than on my last visit. I was lucky that a lot of them were awake and active! First I came across these guys.

My favorite area of the park is the African area but I usually do not have much luck with the zebras and giraffes because they tend to be pretty far off whenever I am there. I got lucky with the zebra this time though and got this shot of one eating-I really love it!
Then there were the meerkats. I am building a nice portfolio of meerkat photos I am happy to say. They are such fun to watch!



The last one is my favorite he is looking right at me! Love the look so cute! This one will be a large print at some point for sure!

Next as you can see came the lions! The area where they are kept has a few parts to it there is an open area you see here and an area that is behind (very)thick glass. When I first arrived the 2 females and one male were all behind the glass area but then the two females made their way over to the rocks as you can see where I was able to capture these beautiful images. Now at first I was irritated that the male did not do the same thing. I do already have some great images of him but of course I always want more. Instead I actually ended up being treated to something better! He sat right in front of the glass looking a people and jumping up on it a few times though when he did this he did not seem angry just annoyed he couldn’t come through. I was stunned by how amazing it was to view this beautiful creature close up! I never truly appreciated his size until I viewed him in this way. And his eyes-huge and incredible I was able to stare deep into them for a few seconds and it effected me all day. I almost decided not to take any photos because I did not feel they would come out well do to the glass but I took a few for the heck of it. When I got home and played around in Photo Shop with this next shot I was amazed how great it looked in Black and White. I think it will be a permanent favorite of mine.
Here is a portrait of one of the white tigers they have, I love to watch them too!
I have never had much success trying to photograph flamingos,not sure why maybe because they are so often clumped together but I actually like this image even if it is not terribly unique-the color is spectacular!
I will end with this funny kangaroo photo-this is pretty much how I feel at the end of the long walk around the park!
This weekend I am attending a night time holiday event at the zoo will be interesting to see what kind of images I can capture there!


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