Pet Portrait Shoot: Alex and Sienna-Tampa Pet Photography


Hello everyone! I am so happy to bring you some new pet photography photos your way! I was hired by Alex to photography her new puppy Sienna-a Rotweiler-Lab mix and we decided to do the shoot at North Shore Park in St. Petersburg which is one of my favorite spots in Tampa Bay. This park along the water is especially beautiful the last 90 minutes to sunset-the scenery and lighting is amazing!
Shooting puppies is not easy but it is fun and with a bit of patience I believe we got some really fantastic images-Sienna will be getting bigger and bigger but now Alex will always have these photos of her as a puppy.


I love the little stuffed pumpkin! It really is amazing how much simple props add to all kinds of photos. I had to take a lot of photos to capture the perfect moments. Sienna is very sweet but was nervous if we tried to pose her on the ledge by the water. She did enjoy the sand though!


A lot of people think photographing black dogs is difficult but the secret is to have the light shining on them-especially their faces. The sun does not go down over the water in this area instead subjects standing (or wagging) with the water behind them are illuminated by the setting sun so that was just perfect for this kind of shoot!


It was a beautiful day-the only downside was that it was a bit too windy right by the water making photos of Alex and Sienna a bit challenging! Fortunately in this one Alex’s hair was blowing in the right direction!



I still can’t believe I got this photo with the volleyball! Too cute!


There is a small concrete ‘pier’ for lack of a better term on the small beach here-I love using it for portraits-Sienna didn’t seem as fearful here as we got her to pose for us here.


Finally a family portrait.


I am told I will get the chance to photography Sienna again when she is full-grown I am sure that will be a lot of fun as well. I really love photographing dogs and their people, please be sure to contact me if you would like professional photos of you and your best friend!

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