Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom:Florida Nature Photography

Hi everyone, today I have some more fun animal photos to share with you! I spent several hours yesterday at the Animal Kingdom park in Disney World. It was the first time I had been there in almost two years. I live much closer to Busch Gardens here in Tampa and while I think they may actually have more animals or at least the ability to get a bit closer to some animals, the Animal Kingdom wins on landscaping. I love how much shade is strategically placed throughout the park. Very lush and beautiful! I love walking around, looking at the animals and trying to capture wonder portraits of them. I have of course forgotten the name of this first fellow-he is beautiful though isn’t he? Here is another feathered friend that was hanging out nearby.

I often spend at least a good 10-15 minutes at least photographing each animal hoping to get the right composition, waiting for them to step into good light etc. I really enjoy watching for just the right moment. This bird kept looking in all different directions but I finally got the moment I was looking for!

This I know is a Pink Spoonbill. Every once in a while one of them will visit the lake near my place in Tampa. They are unique and fun to watch.

Banana plant! Wasn’t expecting to see this but I was stunned by its beauty!

These little yellow birds were a lot of fun to watch! They reminded me of humming birds in that they almost never kept still for more than a second, constantly on the move but I managed to catch a few fun moments.
Of course I had to get some shots of the Meerkats as well this is my favorite of the bunch-I love the dirt on his nose!

Beautiful flower!

I wish I would have had more time to photograph these guys but it began raining right at this point and I had to make my escape!
This last photo is not an animal or a plant but a beautiful woman dressed as a plant. People were absolutely fascinated by her and she moved slowly while making a variety of mysterious expressions.
Hope you have enjoyed these hope to have new work to share with you soon!


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