Amanda-Tampa Portrait Photography

beautiful_girl_graduation_hat_sitting_railing_tampa_portraitsHello everyone. Last weekend I was hired to take photos of the beautiful Amanda and her family at and after her graduation ceremony at USF. She received a degree in Business. The family gathered for a celebration meal at Macaroni Grill and I decided to bring Amanda outside to do a mini portrait shoot. I was able to get all of these wonderful shots in just about 20 minutes-she was a lot of fun and very photogenic! I never would have guessed I could get such nice photos simply using the small covered waiting area in front of the restaurant!

When shot at the right angles the restaurant looked more like the front of the house and was actually a pretty nice backdrop. Many of these photos were taken with my new Canon 70-300mmL lens, which produces some beautiful background bokeh!

This being Florida there are palm trees everywhere so I was able to find some to use in the background for some images as well. I love how much her hat add to these photos!



A few more fun shots:


Finally here is my favorite shot of the day taken outside of the college just after the ceremony. I love taking jumping photos and this one came out just perfectly!


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