Mud Wars-St. Petersburg Florida-Tampa Event Photography

Hello Everyone I have some really fun images to share with you today! Yesterday I looked online to see if anything interesting was going on in the area and read about the Mud Wars event going on at Spa Beach Park in St. Petersburg Florida. It looked like a great opportunity to get some unique photographs so I decided to go. Indeed it was a fun event and I did get a lot of great images to add to my portfolio! The event consisted of a number of events teams competed in on top of large pools of mud which fortunately were constantly refreshed with cool water as it was a beautiful but hot day!
I also love attending events where everyone seems to be happy and that was certainly the case here!


Not only was it fun to photograph people covered in mud playing football, tug of war, running an obstacle course etc, the event was set against beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, the water, and the Pier so the backgrounds were spectacular as well!


You can see the city in the background here during the tug of war competition. Here are some other fun shots of this competition.


I love that I got the sailboat in the background of this image!


Next up are some images I took of the people running the obstacle course. Whenever I could I tried to frame the images to show some of the spectacular surroundings and this first image is my favorite. The girl and the soon to be torn down St. Petersburg Pier are framed by the giant inflated slide that was a part of the course.






I had to turn at least one black and white! Love the expression on his face! When I heard they had a ‘jousting’ event this is not what I was expecting LOL :




Touch football in the mud also looked like fun:



I took these images with both my 70-300mm lens and my 24-105mm. Most were taken at 1/800 or 1/1000 of a second at f/8 I adjusted the ISO to whatever it needed to be so that I could use those settings to get sharp images with my 7D. Also I used Al Servo focus mode as I was mostly taking action photos. Teams participating in the event paid $300-$350 each and the profits went to charity. To see some additional photos I took at the event check out the album on my Facebook Business page here


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