Pattie-Tampa Portrait Photography


Hello everyone, today I have a few photos to share with you from my session with Pattie in St. Petersburg, Florida. The park and stretch of beach located just north of the popular downtown area is one of my favorite places to go the last hour before sunset. It is breathtakingly beautiful and it is a great place to people-and dog watch! I was not even aware of it the first year or so I lived here as I did no venture from downtown. It just shows you it pays to explore a little bit!


Anyone who follows my photography knows that I love colors and always pump them up! The natural colors here though were already pretty wonderful, I love the water, the palm trees the colors in Patti’s blouse etc.


Patti also brought one of her 3 dogs-Heartley to the shoot. I love capturing images of pets and their people! I will admit doing so is not easy! Every time you ad an additional person-or animal to a photo the challenge to get a great shot becomes greater but I am glad we managed to get a few where both of them were looking in my direction!


FYI I used Nik Color Efex Pro 4’s Tonal Contrast filter to bring out more details in the coat of the dog. I use this often in my wildlife photos as well.

This is actually my favorite image of the shoot. The sun does not actually go down on the water here, rather it illuminates the water as it goes down on the opposite side. Here Pattie is standing on the end of what I can only call a small concrete Pier of sorts. The sky and water at this particular moment made for one of the most beautiful backgrounds I have seen and I think it looks nice with the black and white outfit she was wearing!


The magical colors and lights did not last long but the area is always a beautiful place to shoot and I hope I get to use it and experiment more on future shoots! Every time I visit I am amazed that I live near such a beautiful place!


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