Flowers of Brookside Gardens, Wheaton Maryland

Hello everyone! I am writing today from my home town of Glen Burnie, Maryland where I am visiting with family. Yesterday we went to the beautiful Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Maryland. 50 acres of beautiful flowers, trees and trails. In Tampa where I now live there are a lot of amazing tropical trees, plants and wildlife but I notice I do not see flowers around as much as up here in Maryland during the summer months. I have to drive 90 minutes to Bok Tower Gardens or even further to be surrounded by them.

I love nature and find it both magical and healing. Especially when I carry my 100mm macro lens I tend to look for the little things many people just pass by. I love watching the bees, butterflies, and dragonflies. I also love love love color which is pretty obvious in the way I edit my images. I love this photo with the bee, the green background, and the underdeveloped flower on the left.

This photo is an example of the kinds of details I look for when I do nature photography. I was in the conservatory building they have at the gardens and came across this flower/plant whose center was filled with a pool of water-it looks like a mini aquarium with its own secret little world inside! Check out the little purple flowers blooming from the center! Also there were a bunch of ants climbing all around and floating on the water. I could probably have sat there staring at this for an hour!


Cool spotted leaf-the variety of plants and flowers-and life in this world is so mind-blowing sometimes!

I also love delicate leaves that have a lacy like quality, makes me happy to see them growing along a stone wall.


Just beautiful!

Focused on the bee in this photo, amazed at the detail I am able to see!


I will finish with a landscape shot-there are a few lakes on the property and it is just a breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful place-also it is free! I am headed to visit downtown Annapolis today and will do another post with the best photos from my day there. Hope these images have brightened your day!


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