Miranda-Tampa Portrait Photography

Hello everyone I am back with some images from the 2nd of two back to back photo shoots I did at Curtis Hixon Park in Tampa recently. Miranda is an aspiring singers and hired me to take some photos she can use in building a website/Face Book Page etc. I was very happy and excited to do so! I love the idea of helping anyone to pursue their dreams with my photography! I was really happy when I saw she brought along the old-style Microphone it really added to the photos.
We started out in the amphitheater area of the park. I do not think I will ever tire of shooting at Curtis Hixon, it is a unique and beautiful park with a lot of amazing features. The sun was still pretty bright when we started but I was able to find a spot here where there was some shade with a nice background. I used a WestCott Apollo Softbox with my flash for most of the images in this post.


We did a wardrobe change and decided to use this amazing wall as a backdrop. This was the first time I thought about using it and I really like the way the images turned out here!



We did another wardrobe change and it was starting to get dark at this point. I looked up at a stairway I have seen many times and never used and told her to go to the top.

I very much enjoy starting my photo shoots when it is light out and shooting until a little after it gets dark. Unlike at most parks you can stay at Curtis Hixon as late as you like and I love the different opportunities that present themselves when the sun goes down and the lights come on.


I really love her happy expression in this image!

This last image was the very last photo I took that night. I really wanted on with the Art Museum lit up in the background.
As soon as Miranda has a site up and music to promote I will pass it all along to you! She enjoys singing soulful music and is a big fan of Adele. I am very excited to help her in any way I can, she sent me an MP3 of one of her tracks and it was fantastic! Good luck Miranda and I hope to work with you again as you climb the ladder to a successful singing career! I also want to thank her husband for assisting me with the lighting on this shoot!


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