Tampa Portrait Photography: Catherine, Miss Hillsborough County USA

Hello everyone! Last weekend I did 2 portrait shoots at Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa which is one of my favorite places to photograph people. On this day my subject was the beautiful Miss Hillsborough County USA Catherine. She will be competing in the Miss Florida competition in July. It was still pretty bright out when we started and I found a great spot in the small amphitheater they have there where there was some shade she could stand in and a nice view in the background. I used the Westcott Apollo Soft Box to light these photos.


We had some natural light coming from the sun just starting to go down behind her on left which helped to light her hair hair and used the soft box to light her face.

Tampa_Portrait_headshot_Miss Hillsborough

We then moved to a different area of the park. I love it there because every time I go I get new ideas and find different places to shoot-There are various levels to it and a view across the river to a college on one side and the Tampa skyline on the other.



Catherine was very fun and easy to work with and photograph I really had a great time. She changed into this beautiful dress and were able to get some really beautiful images right up until sunset!





We ended with a series of shots by the river just as the sun was going down. My next post will feature photos of Miranda, an aspiring singer. Though her photos were taken at the same park many have a very different look to them. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Weekend!


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