Equestrian Inc. Horse Rescue Tampa Bay

Hello Everyone!
Today I have some photos to share with you from a wonderful Horse Rescue I visited last weekend-Equestrian Inc. Horse Rescue here in Tampa, just a few minutes from my home! I am so happy a friend of mine told me about it and invited me to come along for a visit. It is a beautiful place with many horses, a few ponies, a donkey, a goat and some cats. There is a small lake and a beautiful wooded area where they are able to wander around as well. It is wonderful that there are places like this that take in horses that have no other place to go.


How cute is this donkey. I saw many sites that made me smile and melted my heart on this day-so amazing to watch them all interact.



My friends and I were given a wonderful tour which enabled us to witness one of the most beautiful and enchanting sites I have ever seen-the horses and donkey wandering in the forest.




The ponies are so adorable!


Equestrian Inc. is run by all volunteers and is a non-profit organization. They accept donations of money or supplies. You can find out more about them on their website:http://www.equestrianinc.org The horses all have different personalities and it was a great place to visit! They are located at 4902 Timberlan Street, Tampa, FL.



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