Kitty and Moe-Tampa Pet Photography, Cats

Pet photography Tampa Striped Cat

Hello everyone! Today I have photos to share from you from a pet session I did a few days ago. I do not have a lot of experience photographing cats so I was excited for the opportunity! It was not easy but in the end I came away with some really nice images I like a lot! We started out outside and it was not as easy as I had hoped to get the cats to sit and ‘pose’ in a particular spot the way I wanted them to. ‘Kitty’ the striped cat was very interested in my camera and every time I thought I was about to get a good shot she started walking towards me and wanted to inspect my camera-at this point I was not even using a flash-I was trying to get her to sit in the nice sunset light so the clicking of the shutter seemed to be what she found to be curious! I did finally get the shot that leads off this post and I really like it.

Cat eating tuna from martini glass, Tampa Pet photography

Black cat martini glass flowers sunlight

We (Their ‘mom’ Wendy and I) then decided to put some tuna in a martini glass to get them to stay in one place and give us some fun photo opportunities! It worked!

Black cat gold angel statue Tampa pet photography

We also put some tuna juice on this statue. I love using props like these in photos, they always add so much to the photos!

After the sun set we moved to the screened in porch with had a beautiful stone wall to use as a backdrop. We decided to try to get the cats to sit on a pedestal and after a few attempts, kitty in particular decided she liked sitting on it and gave me some great poses. Moe did not like it but I still managed to snag a nice image of him on it as well.

Black Cat pedestal stone wall flowers

Striped cat funny pedestal flowers Tampa

striped cat black white photo stone wall flowers

I used a 28″ Westcott Apollo Softbox to light these shots and was pleased with the result. Finally when it was getting late we switched out the pedestal with this nice wicker table and I got what may be my favorite image of the shoot. Somehow it often ends up that I will get my favorite images towards the end!

Striped cat flowers table stone wall Tampa

As always I had a great time and learned a lot. Photographing pets be they dogs cats or horses gives me a great deal of joy, contact me if you would like a photo session of your best friend/friends!


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