Baby Ducks 2012-Tampa Nature Photography

Hello everyone! Just in time for Easter I have some of the most adorable photos I have ever taken of baby ducks! They have become a bit of obsession since I moved to Tampa a few years ago. There is a lake in the community where I live and there is always at least one set of baby ducks that arrive there every year. I always get a few shots I like but they are very difficult to capture great photos of at least at this lake. They always stay in the water or the mother wont let me close enough etc. This year though a neighbor told me about a small lake not may people know about hiding behind a hotel a few miles from me where she saw some babies. None haveĀ arrived at our lake yet. Well I went a just before sunset the other day and there were tons of them! This lake was small but beautiful and for the most part they were hanging out on the grass. Someone had even put down a large area of ground corn for them.

As you can see this corn actually added to the photos I love having it there and also they tended to want to hang around that area for a while. I was able to get and stay 5-6 feet away, plenty close enough to get these images with my 70-300mm lens. I have never had the chance to photograph yellow baby ducks before which made it all the more exciting! These babies do not come from Mallards. They are Muscovy Ducks that look like they are almost part turkey. I had never seen them before moving to Florida. Many of the babies looked the same as those of mallards but some were all yellow and some had different markings. They do not look like they will turn out like their parents at all at this point! Here is a family portrait I got when I went back the next morning.

I have to say I witnessed some of the cutest scenes I have ever witnessed in person while taking these photos!

I love this last one with the brown head! It is just so amazing how adorable and perfect they look, their little feathers, beautiful little eyes and little feet! Well the foot on this next one doesn’t look that little compared to the rest of him!

I almost didn’t include this one because my focus was a little off but I still love the ‘pose’ and the expression in the eye of this yellow one. He looks ashamed of something!

This bunch of babies and their mother were sleeping a large rock formation sticking out of the water when I got there in the morning. The lighting was very back from where I had to stand but this is still pretty adorable!

I had SO much fun taking these photos! Hopefully some babies will arrive at the lake where I live soon and I will have better luck this year there as well. Hope you have enjoyed these images as well! All are available as prints or canvas wraps just email me if you are interested.


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