Sugar and Spice on the Beach-Tampa Pet Photography

Hello everyone! I have some really fun images to share with you today! Last week I photographed these two precious doggies, Sugar and Spice along with their owner Wendy and her father on a relatively quite part of Clearwater Beach. We arrived about 90 minutes before sunset and had amazing light! You never know what conditions you will encounter at this time. Even though the light is almost always beautiful just before the sun goes down a few days earlier in the week there were no clouds in the sky at all and the sun was still pretty strong at 6:15, the time we started our shoot. On this day however we were treated to a bright overcast the clouds turning the sky into a giant soft box, pretty much perfect lighting! This first image is probably my favorite from the entire shoot. My Canon 580 flash was attached to my monopod with a Gary Fong Lightsphere attached and hand-held to direct the extra light onto the dogs.

Here is a similar shot with just Sugar in it. Both of these sweet dogs were very well-behaved and sat wherever we asked them too! The only difficulty was getting them to look right at the camera-we succeeded in this a few times but they really wanted to look at the other dogs and people on the beach. When Wendy said she wanted photos of them on the small beach chairs she brought I was not sure how that would work out but it was great, Sugar and Spice were happy to oblige!

As you can see we added some martini glasses to add to the fun!

I had some extra fun editing this next image giving it a vintage postcard feel, just love it!

Above are photos of Wendy and her father with the dogs. It was such a beautiful evening and the time went too fast! The sun only peeped out a little from behind the clouds as it went down but the colors as you can see in the sky were amazing! I wish I could have had an extra hour of this same light!

Here is one last photo of Wendy with the dogs watching the sun go down, love the feel of this image!

I had a great time! Capturing the beautiful spirits of pets and special moments with those to take care of them is such a wonderful experience!


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