Golden Hour at Fort Desoto Park

Hello Everyone! Today I have a few pretty photographs to show you that I took at Fort Desoto Park in St. Petersburg, Florida last night just prior to sunset. The light the last hour prior to sunset is spectacular and paints everything it hits beautifully. Any other time of day I doubt the tree in this first photo would have impressed me the way it did when I spotted it with this kind of light falling upon it. I really love this image and now I want to go back at the same time of day and photograph a person sitting on picnic table next to it with the same composition.

This next photo was taken on the ‘North Beach’ which is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. There is always this large tidal pool there and I love looking into the clear water and seeing the tiny little fish that swim along the edges of it. There were also some larger fish in it jumping in and out of the water which is a lot of fun to watch!

There are a lot of birds there of course, I love the markings on this one.

This is a little building on one of the Piers at the park which is very large with many areas to park at and explore. The Skyway Bridge which takes you over to Sarasota can be seen in the distance.

Finally when I came upon this scene standing on another pier at the park I really was awe-stricken! I have been to this area several times but I do not know that I have ever stood in this exact spot just before sunset-truly spectacular! And as with the first photo in this post I really want to come back with a model/client and have them stand on the rocks closest to the camera for a dramatic portrait! I am very grateful to be living near such a beautiful place!


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