Reo Speedwagon Concert-Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida

Hello everyone! This past weekend I had a great time at Busch Gardens who hosted Reo Speedwagon in concert! I am very much an 80’s girl and love 80’s music. While I have always liked a lot of songs by this band I have not been following them much in recent years so did not know what to expect from them in concert after all these years. Well let me tell you they both looked and sounded great!

I managed to work myself up through the crowd close enough to get some some decent images, by the end my fellow concert-goers were king enough to let me right up against the fence separating the ‘regular’ crowd from the VIP’s. I love photographing performers and stopping motion, it is somewhat unpredictable and that can be fun.

Kevin Cronin and the rest of the band were full of positive energy. They all really looked great and seemed to be having a great time, they clearly seemed very relaxed and comfortable in their own skins. I suppose they should,  given how long they have been together but you don’t always sense this kind of energy from performers. It was very easy to forget your troubles and be fully present in the moment watching/listening to them perform.

I loved hearing songs like ‘I Can’t Fight this Feeling”, “Keep on Loving You”, and “Take it On the Run”. As an added bonus the weather in Tampa was also perfect and the band played outside as the sun set. An experience I will always remember!


10 thoughts on “Reo Speedwagon Concert-Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida

  1. Awesome pics Stephanie!! I’m a long time REO fan and love them so much!! I can’t hardly wait until June 29 to see them again I love all their songs that I can sing along and have fun!!!

  2. I was front row center of VIP section. I took a lot of pictures, too. I posted the best of them on Facebook. You photos are exceptional. You can tell the professionalism in every shot posted. Capturing the finest moments at shows is my passion. Glad to see your shots.

  3. Love the Pictures! The band shared your blog on Facebook, so you got tons of fans admiring them. I got to see them last year at SeaWorld, so great to have decent daylight. I took some pictures then, but not as good as yours! We didn’t get that close.

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