Gigi-Ybor City, Florida: Tampa Portrait Photography

Hello everyone I am back with some really fun ‘art portrait’s’ I took in Ybor City, Florida of Gigi-a really fun model to photograph. I was there with my favorite photography group and it was a great night! I love photographing people in Ybor day or night as there are just so many options for different backgrounds there. We started in front of this gate. Lighting in all of the photos in this post consisted of my Canon 580 Flash inside my Saber Strip light modifier and in some cases a reflector. I like this shot but things really took off when my group of photographers got permission to shoot in the local British Pub. I saw the flag and had to use it!

I find it so amazing that when I am on a shoot I very often find a background or props with the right color to go with what the subject is wearing just by ‘luck’. Somehow the British Flag just seemed to go right along with what Gigi was wearing!

She made it easy for me with all of these fantastic poses and a lot of fun positive energy! I cannot emphasize enough what a difference this makes to the quality of images. When I do portraits I absolutely love seeing emotion and energy pouring out of my subject. When people are stiff and nervous no matter how perfect the lighting or composition the photos are simply not as good as they could/should be. On the other hand I have worked with models who are very attractive and not at all nervous but seem to only have a few expressions they use, most of the time they look too serious or simply ‘blank’ and I find this extremely boring. I like my subjects to look very much full of life and emotion and so I enjoyed this session very much.

Gigi is also an artist and works at the Tampa Renaissance Festival every year-it is about to start again and is a great place to people watch and take photos!

Hope you have enjoyed these images, I will be back next week with images from the portrait shoot I am doing this weekend.


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