Gasparilla Invasion and Parade 2012-Tampa Event Photography

Hello Everyone, as promised I am back with photos from the Gasparilla Invasion and Parade that took place Saturday in Tampa. It was a beautiful day for this event, sunny with temperatures in the mid-70s in January. This is why I love living in Florida! While I planted myself at the end of the parade route last year, this was the first time I have witnessed the ‘Invasion’ when the Pirate ship Gasparilla makes its way to the convention center loaded with a huge crew, canons and guns firing. It is accompanied by countless other boats and the area gets pretty clogged with Pirates ready to party!

The light was not in my favor shooting towards the ship as it entered the area-wish I had the blue sky behind it but it was in the other direction! One thing that really surprised me was there was no music or play of events over a speaker system I think this would have added a lot to the event. Here are some more images of the ‘Invasion’

After the Invasion comes the parade which is really long and a lot of fun. Just like at the Children’s parade I talked about in my last post, colorful beads are tossed into the crowd by those on the floats and walking along the route. There are so many being thrown that it is would be almost impossible for you to not get a least a few strands for yourself. Even though I was occupied taking photos the entire time from the grand stands I still managed to catch about 20 strands, some which were pretty unique. You do have to pay attention though or you might get slapped in the face by them! Capturing quality images of those in the parade is not too easy since it is of course in motion and there are a ton of people on each float. I quickly scanned those aboard each one and tried to pick the people I found most interesting. I am pleased that I got some really fun images of some colorful characters!

‘Captain Morgan’


This is a particular favorite of mine, I love the expression on his face!

I know this pirate her name is Tina!

Sometimes the beads were caught by trees instead of people!

The party went on well into the night I am sure but my friends and I left the area after the parade, here is one last image of the Gasparilla docked by the Tampa Convention Center after the parade. I had a great time and it was obviously a fantastic people watching opportunity!


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