Fort Desoto Park and Beaches

Hello Everyone! Fort Desoto Park is one of the most beautiful places I have every been and is located near St Petersburg, Fl-about 45 minutes from where I live in Tampa. The ‘North Beach’ there is frequently on the lists of most beautiful beaches in the country. I had not been there for a while so took a drive the other day with my camera to simply walk around and photograph whatever caught my eye. You can see from this top picture how beautiful it is. The park is an Island and there are several different places where you can pull over and explore.

I arrived around 9:30 am and found this adorable little bird in a tidal pool that was in a shady area. These guys are usually pretty timid and it is difficult to get close enough to get good photos of them but this one was nice enough to stay put a few minutes. I noticed that every few seconds he would move a little creating a ripple in the water so I waited for just the right moment to get the reflection and the ripples. Then I got the other cute shot of him in motion.

This area of beach is located next to a large fishing pier. Usually there are a lot of pelicans hanging out by the Pier but not on this day. I did get a good photo of this guy though with the beach and water as a backdrop.

Closer to the parking lot I noticed a cute little bird flitting about the trees and managed to get the following to images I like a lot!

There is a popular dog beach at the park and the owner of this brown poodle let me take some photos of her playing in the water. Pure, intense joy and happiness radiated from this dog as she chased her ball and played in the waves.

Here is another dog shaking off the water:

I drove to another area of the park where I got these photos of a couple of seagulls-I find these shots especially amusing as the gull furthest backs looks a bit evil and I wondered what he was plotting about his ‘friend’ LOL

I love going to parks like this and coming back with unique images of things many others have and do photograph it is a really fun challenge!
I especially enjoyed watching and photographing the dogs. If you would like to schedule a photo session for you and your dog be it at a the beach or a local park in the Tampa Bay area send me an email-you will get beautiful unique images you will treasure for a lifetime.


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