Best of 2011 Part Two: Animal Photos-Tampa Photography

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Today I am present my favorite animal photos from 2011. I found it impossible to try to rank them so they are here in no particular order. This first photo of a tiny frog, not yet fully transformed from being a tadpole may rank as my #1 though. This was taken in my own neighborhood in a small marshy area by the lake in the center of my community. When I go out with my macro lens I tend to look more carefully for small interesting things. This is the first time I ever came across a tiny little frog like this one. I believe there were two different ones perched on leaves in this area. I ended up ankle-deep in mucky water with my tripod in order to get this image and it was worth it-a print of this is hanging in my living room.

This photo of my 3 duck friends is also from the lake where I live. These three suddenly appeared one day and decided to stay. They are always together and a lot of fun to watch. This image was taken shortly before sunset so the light was very nice. Truly one of my favorites!

Two squirrel photos made the cut. It is not easy to get a particularly unique shot of them as much fun as they are to watch. They move very quickly and are hard to catch with just the right composition. I love this one because it looks so curious, as if it is wondering if I am going to give him/her a treat.

This one I think is my favorite one of the two. I love that I captured him hanging this way with such a cute round prickly seed pod-for lack of a better description. It is an image that makes me smile every time I see it.

I captured this image of a baby Gator among the Lily Pads at Boyd Hill Park in St. Pete. He was peacefully floating around swimming a little, then pausing to just hang out from time to time.

I took this image of some horses near Sarasota. I love the magical feel the sepia and glow effects I used here gives them. I enjoy photographing horses and hope I have the chance to do more in the coming year.

This was taken very recently at the Tampa Bay Downs racetrack. it is the only photo I have of a horse with its eyes closed and I love how it looks combined with the mane blowing in the wind. It kind of looks like the horse was meditating.

This shot is a bit morbid but was such a unique moment I had to include it. Walking on the St. Pete Pier this bird suddenly swooped under the room of a little shelter area with this moth in its mouth. I did not even know birds at them. I was able to catch a few cool shots before the bird took off again. I love being in the right place at the right time!

I took this image of a seal sleeping in the sun at Sea World. It has a very peaceful feel too it and again makes me smile every time I see it.

This one on the other hand makes me laugh! This Sand Hill Crane was hanging out in the road in front of my parents home. It deliberately plucked this feather out of the air and then got it stuck on the end of its beak. I love this shot because it looks like it just sneezed. A very silly bird.

Finally another right place at the right time moment this time at Busch Gardens Tampa. Somehow I overlooked the fact that they even had tigers on my previous visits so I was excited to have the chance to photograph them and then this cuddly moment happened. Love it!
All of these images are available as prints or large canvas wraps, please contact me if you are interested in hanging any of them in your home. It is amazing how the right photo can lift your mood every time you look at it and all of these do that for me!
Happy New Year and I hope 2012 brings great things to us all!


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