Hello everyone! Today I have some fun photos of Tigers to share with you. This was the first opportunity I have had to get photos like this of them and I enjoyed watching them and capturing these special moments very much. I have already gotten a great response to this first image of the four that were there nuzzling. I really was at the right place at the right time. Shortly after I arrived they all suddenly seemed very alert and were all looking in the same direction as if they were expecting to be fed. My friend and I never saw this happen but it was a great time to watch them.

The one above seemed to be a little cross-eyed :(. I could not believe my luck when one of the tigers climbed onto this log with the waterfall in the background!

I also love it whenever I can get a photo of a big cat like this yawning 🙂

My best advice for those who really want quality photos of animals like this at zoos and theme parks is to be willing to put in some time with the animals you like best. If your goal is to see and photograph all of the animals there on your visit you will have so spend a very limited amount of time with each one. If however you choose 2-3 (or even just one if you know you will be able to visit again) you can plant yourself in the area for a while and your odds of capturing some unique moments are far better!

The first two images on this blog post are now available as prints/canvas wraps etc via the Art Print gallery on my website here: http://www.stephaniellenphotography.com/Art/Art-Prints/13076544_HtJFXq#1609923217_XshZHvV The others are also available, if interested just email me at stephaniellen11@gmail.com.


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